2022 – A Big Year for J.B. Hunt

Our employees reflect on the highlights of 2022 at J.B. Hunt.

2022 was a BIG year for J.B. Hunt. Every employee, across the company, made 2022 a year of great success and growth for J.B. Hunt.

We asked a few of our employees to look back and share their favorite memories and experiences from 2022 at J.B. Hunt. Here’s what they had to say!

What was your favorite memory from 2022 at J.B. Hunt?

“My favorite J.B. Hunt memory of 2022 would have to be when Shelley Simpson was named president. As a woman, I find this so empowering. Seeing a successful woman spearhead the future of a Fortune 500 company is probably one of the best things I’ve experienced since I’ve been an employee of J.B. Hunt. As a mom to two little girls, I hope that as they grow up, they see they have the same opportunity as Shelley has.” -Hannah, senior customer experience account manager

In your opinion, what was the biggest announcement from J.B. Hunt in 2022?

“J.B. Hunt had a great year coming out of the pandemic and is striding towards bigger and better initiatives. This year, we announced our commitment to reducing the company’s carbon emission intensity by 32% by 2034. It’s great to be a part of a company that strives to better themselves while also bettering the environment!” -Valerie, program manager 

Would you consider 2022 to have been a successful year for J.B. Hunt?

“I do feel this has been a successful year for J.B. Hunt. I’ve seen countless examples of how we have leveraged the tremendous advantages we have in our people and technology to lean into challenges that we face. There are always hurdles to overcome, and sometimes it seems like they are one after the other, but as an organization we do a great job of keeping our customers in mind and always working in their best interests. I think a lot of the work we have done this year has set us up to have some major wins in the coming years.” -Dallas, logistics engineer

How have you grown in your career at J.B. Hunt in 2022?

“I started as an intern for the company at the beginning of this year. When I accepted a full-time position to join the Engineering and Technology Development Program, I didn’t know how that transition was going to go. However, I am happy to say that I love being a part of this company and am growing confidence in my work, day after day!” -Robert, logistics engineer

How does your career at J.B. Hunt make an impact on you personally?

I owe a lot to J.B. Hunt. I met my wife here, my best friends here and my second family here. I absolutely love coming to work every day. The people I work with in Corporate Driver Personnel (CDP) and PLUS(+) make me a better human.” -Bobbie, senior manager, CDP

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