Driving Inclusion at J.B. Hunt

Learn more about J.B. Hunt’s inclusion efforts from our VP of Inclusion Strategy!

At J.B. Hunt, we’ve worked hard to build a culture of inclusivity through many different company initiatives, like our employee resource groups (ERGs), but we know there’s more work to be done. In 2021, we formed the Inclusion team, a group dedicated to ensuring that inclusivity is ingrained into our business strategy across the enterprise. To learn more about the new Inclusion team, we sat down with Vice President of Inclusion Strategy, Jermaine Oldham, to talk about the impact this team will have on J.B. Hunt and why inclusion is so important to our company’s success.

Graphic photo of JB Hunt Vice President of Inclusion Strategy Jermaine Oldham on blue background

What is the Inclusion Team?

“I would say the Inclusion team is really all of us,” Jermaine explained. “If you think about it, we now have 33,500 employees. Whether we realize it or not, inclusion is embedded in all of us. More specifically, what we’ve done is we’ve developed an Inclusion Office that’s going to focus on driving inclusion and making it part of our business strategy. We’ll focus on and do a lot of heavy lifting from an inclusion perspective; but inclusion is in every one of us, not just the Inclusion Office.”

Why is inclusion vital to J.B. Hunt’s success?

I think inclusion is important to J.B. Hunt because if you think about it, our slogan is ‘Bigger, Stronger, Better … Together’ and we essentially are,” said Jermaine. “If you think about a place where everyone feels safe, and everyone feels like they can show up as their true selves, that makes us better as a company. It makes us better as an organization. And inclusion is an important part of that because if we’re able to identify and accept people for who they are, regardless of where they come from and their background, that will make us better as a company and organization.”

How will the Inclusion team make an impact on J.B. Hunt?

“The Inclusion Office has big plans to make a positive impact at J.B. Hunt. We developed a strategy that will help guide everything that we’ll do and deliver for our company,” he said. “Our vision, ‘Enriching lives by creating an inclusive culture where all people feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard’ will focus on the pillars of:

  • Connection and Wellbeing
  • Empowerment
  • Enablement
  • Governance and Communication

We are excited to help make a difference and even more excited for what is yet to come at J.B. Hunt.”

What would you say to someone considering a career at J.B. Hunt?  

If you’re considering a career with J.B. Hunt, I highly encourage you to apply. We’re always attracting and trying to recruit top talent. There are many different opportunities across the company,” said Jermaine. “We’ve got a great culture where they’re going to pour into you from a people perspective and you’re going to have an opportunity to grow. I personally have had a multitude of different roles in the company and have been afforded those opportunities. So, I encourage you to apply and become part of this great team that we are today.”

We’re committed to providing a workplace where every employee feels valued and respected for exactly who they are. If you’re looking to join a company focused on inclusion, search jobs to join our team today!

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