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Read more about ELEVATION, J.B. Hunt’s employee idea-submission program.

At J.B. Hunt, we credit our growth as a company over the past 60 years, and our future success, to the ideas shared by our employees. ELEVATION, our employee engagement program, provides a platform for employees to share ideas, big or small, that could help drive business decisions at J.B. Hunt.

“ELEVATION is a way for anybody in the company at any level to be heard and to be able to influence our direction,” said President and CEO, John Roberts.

Keep reading to learn more about ELEVATION and how it makes a significant impact on our people and our company.


Through ELEVATION, J.B. Hunt employees can submit an idea that could help better our company. Once an idea is submitted, it goes through a robust internal review and evaluation process, with many employee ideas often implemented. Employees who submit ideas that are later implemented get the honor of having their name added to ELEVATION Wall of Fame as recognition for their contribution to our company.

Since its inception in 2015, more than 22,000 ELEVATION ideas have been submitted. That’s over 22,000 employee-submitted business ideas that help us improve our processes, increase productivity, introduce innovative applications or technologies, and better our workplace culture.

“ELEVATION is change in the form of our employees’ voices,” shared Jason, a capacity manager. “It’s a chance to innovate, disrupt, and streamline the processes we see daily with the voice of anyone. It powers ongoing conversations from every level of the organization on how we can continually strive to be bigger, stronger, and better – together.”

Group photo of the 2021 ELEVATION Wall of Fame honorees.

ELEVATION Impacts Employee Careers

ELEVATION is one of the many reasons why J.B. Hunt is a great place to work. It empowers employees to think outside of the box. All J.B. Hunt employees have a valued voice and are given the opportunity to step outside of their day-to-day responsibilities to offer ideas that they feel will make us better for the long haul.

“ELEVATION has benefited my career by connecting me with others in the organization,” said Sarah, a senior Human Resource specialist. “These connections have helped me learn more about our business, how our processes work and who I can lean on for support.”

In fact, we recently recognized our 2021 ELEVATION Wall of Fame honorees, 54 employees who submitted approved ideas that will take our company to the next level.

Female J.B. Hunt employee points to her name on the ELEVATION Wall of Fame.

ELEVATION Drives Our Company Success

J.B. Hunt has a goal of becoming a $20 billion company by 2030, and the ideas implemented through ELEVATION play a big role in helping us reach this milestone. We would not be the company we are today without the input of our employees, and we’re excited to see how our employees continue to help guide our success in the future. 

“Like [John Roberts] has stated, ELEVATION allows us to track ideas, progress, and solutions to keep us moving forward,” said Charlene, a senior tax manager. “Any employee with an idea to keep improving J.B. Hunt should definitely consider sending to ELEVATION.”

CEO John Roberts speaks at ELEVATION Wall of Fame event.

ELEVATION Fuels our Inclusive Company Culture

ELEVATION is another way we promote inclusion at J.B. Hunt. Like our company employee resource groups (ERGs), ELEVATION is designed to help employees feel included in important conversations that drive change at J.B. Hunt.

“ELEVATION gives our company a greater chance at becoming more innovative by getting ideas from all of our employees instead of just a set few people,” said Adrian, an operations manager in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Gift bags with the ELEVATION logo.


J.B. Hunt is a company where employee ideas are heard and valued. Search jobs to find the position that best fits your interests and join our team today!

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