Fueling a Culture of Inclusion

Prioritizing the personal and professional growth of all our people.

At J.B. Hunt, we value our people and know that we are bigger, stronger, better … together. We celebrate diversity of thought and believe our company thrives on a culture of inclusivity. 

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) welcome the ideas and foster the interests of all company employees, regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender. ERGs offer a way to get involved and make connections that drive personal and professional development.   

ERGs are open to all employees, whether they are employed at corporate or in the field. J.B. Hunt encourages employees to get involved with the group that best fits their personal interests. 

AAmERG – African American Employee Resource Group 

AAmERG is a thought leadership group striving to create a workplace culture that values the diversity and inclusion of African American employees. Sponsored by EVP of Highway Services, Eric McGee, AAmERG hosts events that promote engagement, growth and development of members within our organization.  

“For AAmERG, this was an opportunity for us as a company, and as well as employees to provide just a workplace culture that truly valued the African American employee diversity and inclusion,” said member Tiffany, senior manager of business HR for corporate. 

GROW – Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women 

GROW celebrates the women in our workplace and communities. Sponsored by Chief Operations Officer and EVP Nick Hobbs, GROW supports the success of women through recruitment and retainment, professional development and building connections.  

“It just helps to foster community and connection much like the other ERGs do, and so here at J.B. Hunt, GROW can help be that community driving force,” said Senior Experience Manager Jennifer. “As well as just making sure that we have both empowerment and advocacy for women inside of J.B. Hunt.” 

LEAD – Latinos Engaging, Advancing, and Developing 

LEAD embraces the Latino and Hispanic culture at J.B. Hunt. By increasing cultural awareness within our company, LEAD impacts the long-term success of Latino and Hispanic employees through educational events and networking opportunities. LEAD is sponsored by Brad Hicks, EVP division president.  

“We feel that increasing culture and awareness and inclusion can definitely drive innovation for J.B. Hunt and our community,” said LEAD member Ary, client manager on the national accounts team.   

VERG – Veterans Employee Resource Group 

J.B. Hunt values and supports our country’s veterans. Backed by EVP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Craig Harper, VERG offers resources for company veterans and employees in support of our service members. The resources provided by VERG lay a foundation for veterans’ success within J.B. Hunt and their communities. By acknowledging the sacrifices made by veterans, VERG provides recognition and a community of understanding for those who served our country.  

“As an employee of J.B. Hunt and spouse of a driver who is a veteran, I feel that being part of an organization like VERG allows me the opportunity to continue my duty to serve those who have once served,” said Mary, VERG member and on-boarding specialist for corporate. “This resource group not only allows me to be able to recognize veterans for their service and sacrifice, show appreciation for all they have done for this wonderful nation, but provide them with a rewarding career along with a network of people that will always be proud of them and all they have done for us.” 

PLUS(+) – LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group  

PLUS(+) provides a safe and authentic space for individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ and employees who support them. Led by Shelley Simpson, EVP of people and human resources, PLUS(+) involves our employees in conversations around inclusion and connection with the goal of molding J.B. Hunt into an understanding and accepting place to work.  

“J.B. Hunt is the safe space. Not only for someone like me, me and my partner have been together for the last seven years, and I’ve never felt so welcomed,” said Darrell, PLUS(+) member and Client Manager for Corporate. “J.B. Hunt is the place for me. Why not make it the place for you?” 


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