Sharing Their Stories – Katie’s Internship Experience

Former J.B. Hunt intern shares how her experience jumpstarted her career.

At J.B. Hunt, our internships are not designed to be coffee-runs. As an intern, you contribute to the success of our organization, working on projects that provide valuable, real-world experience.  

We offer paid internships at both our corporate campus and field locations across the country, with opportunities to learn from several of our departments, including Sales, Engineering and Technology, Marketing and more. 

Katie, a current customer experience representative, got her start with J.B. Hunt as an intern. She shared with us her experience and the benefits of an internship with J.B. Hunt.  

Katie, a former J.B. Hunt intern, poses on staircase.

Can you describe your internship experience at J.B. Hunt?  

“I have held two internships within the company. My first was as a Corporate Driver Personnel Intern through the Summer Internship Program from May through August 2019. As a CDP intern, I worked on a summer-long project researching J.B. Hunt’s driver referral program, looking for trends and ways to improve the referral program in an easy-to-use and appealing way for our drivers.  

“My second internship was as a Highway Services Intern from August 2019 through May 2020. As a Highway Services Intern, I worked with the administrative team for all of Highway Services’ Executive Leadership and employees. We planned employee appreciation events, handled everyday administrative requests, set up new hires, among other tasks.” 

What was your favorite part about interning at J.B. Hunt?  

“My favorite part about being an intern with J.B. Hunt was the networking and skill building I was able to learn throughout my year as an intern. I was able to network among individuals across all internal business units, along with learning great professional skills that helped me to become a full-time employee within J.B. Hunt.”  

What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your internship?  

“The most valuable skill I learned during my internships was to listen. This may seem like an odd thing to learn, but I learned the value of listening to those around me. I learned that many problems can be solved by simply listening to those people both within and outside of our company in order to open a better communication line that is beneficial for all parties involved. More purposeful listening also allowed me to shadow and learn many different skillsets and application knowledge across my time at the company, allowing me to pick up quickly across different job functions within the organization.” 

How do you apply the skills learned during your internship today?  

“During both of my internships, I was fortunate enough to learn many different application programs and internal systems used by J.B. Hunt employees. Being able to learn these programs as a part-time employee was a fantastic growth opportunity for me, and I felt as though it set me up to be prepared and marketable for full-time positions within the organization post-grad.  

“Having a good knowledge of how the company works internally through each business unit also helped me, as I was given the opportunity to shadow all internal business units during my summer internship program. I could not have been more grateful for those shadowing opportunities I was given, and it helps me to this day to understand and grasp what each business unit individually handles, and how we come together as a whole to form one unified organization.” 


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