What’s Cooking at J.B. Hunt?

We’re sharing more about the many local food options offered at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas.

Our people are a priority, and at our J.B. Hunt corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas, we have corporate amenities that make coming to work fun. A popular perk employees enjoy is the food vendors that provide tasty breakfast and lunch options on-site every weekday.

Keep reading to learn more about the food options available, and how our vendors provide a unique perk for J.B. Hunt employees.

J.B. Hunt employees order coffee from vendor.

What On-Campus Dining Options Does J.B. Hunt Have?

The food vendors at J.B. Hunt are all local Northwest Arkansas restaurants popular in the community. J.B. Hunt employees can start their day with a stop by Esther’s Coffee Cart to grab their favorite caffeinated beverage or choose from a variety of breakfast options ranging from donuts to hot breakfast meals. Later in the day, our lunch vendors provide delicious meals across a wide range of cuisine types – from Mexican and Asian food to salads and sandwiches.

Every weekday, employees can stop by their building cafeteria and enjoy these local flavors without the hassle of having to go off campus for their lunch break! Plus, the vendors on campus rotate daily, so there’s always the opportunity to try something new.

“Having food on-site comes in handy for those days that get very busy and I don’t have time to run home, or even leave to grab food and bring it back,” shared Joe, a client manager at corporate. “Whatever my day looks like, it’s nice to know I have great options on campus.”

Current employees can check the People site for more information on the vendor schedule by building

We Love Our Local Vendors!

J.B. Hunt employees love getting to know our vendors personally, almost as much as we love their tasty meals.

“Esther always has a way of making us feel special,” shared Erik, a director in Brokerage. “My mornings aren’t complete without her!”

The relationships formed at J.B. Hunt are just as meaningful to our vendors. Many of our vendors share that the employees are their favorite part of being a vendor, and the relationships they make at J.B. Hunt have a big impact on their business and them personally.

“I love the employees, they’re super easy going and nice,” shared Reid, J.B. Hunt vendor and general manager of Modoko Asian Kitchen. “I’ve gained some regular customers as a result of [being a vendor]. Some of our best regulars are folks that I have served here, so it’s definitely sort, helped our business, and it’s just a great culture here.”

Our vendors are a big part of the J.B. Hunt culture, and we are so grateful for the service and sense of community they bring to our corporate office.


Our dining options are just one of the many perks of working at J.B. Hunt. Search jobs and apply to the position that best fits your interests today!

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