5 Reasons Why J.B. Hunt is a Great Place to Work

We’re summing up the top reasons why our team loves working at J.B. Hunt.

There are countless reasons why our people love working at J.B. Hunt. From our inclusive company culture to many rewarding career growth opportunities, J.B. Hunt is the place to work if you are looking to make an impact while growing personally and professionally.

If you are looking for a change in your career, here are our top five reasons why J.B. Hunt might be the place for you.

1. J.B. Hunt Takes Care of Their People

Our employees uphold the J.B. Hunt scroll in everything they do and because of that, we have become the people you trust in the industry. One of our three company foundations at J.B. Hunt is to invest in our people because they are what keeps this company going. Whether they’re in maintenance, behind a desk, working in a warehouse or a driver on the road – nothing could be done without their hard work.

At J.B. Hunt, we offer things such as tuition reimbursement, a scholarship program for children and grandchildren of employees, numerous health benefit plans, free mental health therapy sessions, parental benefits and adoption assistance.

“J.B. Hunt really looks out for what is best for their people and you truly have a culture where people are continually trying to make each other better,” says Trevor, vice president of pricing.

Our mission is to drive long-term value for our people, customers and shareholders, and we know the first step in doing that is providing our employees with benefits, career-growth opportunities, an inclusive environment and more.

2. J.B. Hunt Has Career Growth Opportunities

Your career should be as rewarding to you personally as it is to our organization. You have goals and aspirations for your professional growth, and we provide tools and resources to help you reach each milestone. From our tuition reimbursement program and professional development opportunities to our promote-from-within company mindset, we try to do all we can to help J.B. Hunt employees thrive in their careers.

“If you get involved in our employee resource groups and put yourself out there and network, there are so many endless opportunities for people to grow in their career here,” said Taytum, a manager in inclusion strategy.

3. J.B. Hunt Values Employee Voices

At J.B. Hunt, we know it’s our people that make our company successful. Through ELEVATION, our idea submission program, all employees with an idea, big or small, have an opportunity to make an impact on our business. Since the program started in 2015, J.B. Hunt has now received around 32,500 ELEVATION submissions. Each idea has helped us improve our business practices and has contributed to our overall growth as a company.

“ELEVATION is change in the form of our employees’ voices. It’s a chance to innovate, disrupt and streamline the processes we use daily and can be submitted by anyone in the company. These ideas power ongoing conversations from every level of the organization,” says Jason, backhaul manager in our Dedicated Contract Services® business unit.

Whether you have an idea that will help streamline an internal process or one that will help us better support our customers or drivers, your voice matters at J.B. Hunt.

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4. J.B. Hunt Has Big Plans for the Future

Our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, was a dreamer, and his spirit of innovation is still very much felt at J.B. Hunt today. Our vision for the company is to create the most efficient transportation network in North America, and we’re continuing to try new things, leverage our cutting-edge technology and think big as we strive to reach this goal.

Stuart Scott, executive vice president and chief information officer, says, “We love creating things that have never been done before. While it may be challenging, it’s going to make a significant difference in terms of the company’s future. And that’s something that excites us.”

5. J.B. Hunt Cares About Sustainability and Inclusion

J.B. Hunt is focused on the future, and achieving future success means making business decisions that positively impact the things that matter to us most – our people and our environment. From reducing our carbon footprint and prioritizing safety on the road, to cultivating an inclusive culture where everyone can feel represented and valued, we are committed to doing our part as a company.

“J.B. Hunt is committed to creating a diverse environment for their people by hiring amazing individuals that come from a wide variety of backgrounds,” says Deepika, a senior software engineer. “By doing this, we make our company stronger and it sets us apart from others in the industry.”


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