5 Reasons Why J.B. Hunt is a Great Place to Work

We’re summing up the top reasons why our team loves working at J.B. Hunt.

There are countless reasons why our team loves working at J.B. Hunt. From our family-feel culture to many rewarding career growth opportunities, J.B. Hunt is the place to work if you are looking to make an impact and grow personally and professionally.

If you are looking for a change in your career, here are our top five reasons why J.B. Hunt might be the place for you.

1. J.B. Hunt is Positively Impacting Our Planet and Our People

J.B. Hunt is focused on the future, and achieving future success means making business decisions that positively impact the things that matter to us most – our people and our environment. From reducing our carbon footprint and prioritizing safety on the road, to cultivating an inclusive culture where everyone feels represented and valued, we are committed to doing our part as a company. 

“J.B. Hunt employs a diverse group of individuals who strive to empower their employees, to bring ideas, change and never stop striving towards J.B. Hunt’s mission statement,” said Nicole, a senior manager of finance.

Tesla truck in front of J.B. Hunt corporate office.

2. J.B. Hunt Helps You Learn and Grow in Your Career

Your career should be as rewarding to you personally as it is to our organization. You have goals and aspirations for your professional growth, and we provide tools and resources to help you reach each milestone. From our tuition reimbursement program and professional development opportunities to our promote-from-within company mindset, we try to do all we can to help J.B. Hunt employees thrive in their careers. 

“This company doesn’t just breed people that work in J.B. Hunt, they challenge you and they push you to be the best version of yourself,” said Adeliene, a senior customer experience representative. “You really grow within this company. They really cultivate growth within at a personal level, but also in a professional level.”

J.B. Hunt employees present at Tech Expo

3. J.B. Hunt Values the Ideas and Opinions of Our Employees 

At J.B. Hunt, we know it’s our people that make our company successful. Through ELEVATION, our idea submission program, all employees with an idea, big or small, have an opportunity to make an impact on our business. Since the program started in 2015, J.B. Hunt has implemented more than 850 employee-submitted ELEVATION ideas. Each idea has helped us improve our business practices and has contributed to our overall growth as a company.

“J.B. Hunt has taught me to be creative and think outside the box on the best way to suit our customers,” said Sydney, a business development manager. “No situation is ever the same, which can create a challenge at times, but allows for me to push myself outside of my box, to come up with the best solutions.”

Whether you have an idea that will help streamline an internal process or one that will help us better support our customers or drivers, J.B. Hunt’s leadership team wants to hear from our employees.

The J.B. Hunt ELEVATION Idea Wall of Fame.

4. J.B. Hunt Has Big Plans for the Future

Our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, was a dreamer, and his spirit of innovation is still very much felt at J.B. Hunt today. We have our sights set on becoming a 20-billion-dollar company by 2030, and we’re continuing to try new things, leverage our cutting-edge technology and think big as we strive to reach this goal. 

“Right now, we’re doing things that a lot of traditional companies aren’t doing or even thinking about doing,” said Operations Director, Trevor. “So, talking to someone who’s coming into the company, you’re not going to find a company that’s going to grow as much as we are in the next 15 years.”

5. J.B. Hunt is a Family

The culture at J.B. Hunt is that of a family. When you join our company, you join our J.B. Hunt family.

We believe a healthy work-life balance is vital to the success of our employees and do all we can to support our people personally and professionally. Across all departments, whether you’re located at our corporate offices in Northwest Arkansas or at one of our field locations across the country, we encourage collaboration and teamwork, and foster a sense of community within the workplace.

“J.B. Hunt culture to me is family,” said Zoe, an experience team manager. “So when you look at people that way, when you build those relationships, there’s a different type of value that’s in your workday. That makes the culture so much more important and something you’re passionate to be part of.”

Hopefully, this glimpse into who we are, and the company we hope to become, proves J.B. Hunt could be your best career move yet. With job opportunities in most fields, from operations to engineering and technology, there is a place for you at J.B. Hunt!


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