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Corporate Services


A wide variety of groups make up our Corporate Services team. From Accounting, Safety, Driver Recruiting, Human Resources and more, each group is as essential to J.B. Hunt as a truck is to a driver.
Making Us Move
Tasked with working with internal and external stakeholders, these groups keep our company moving, growing and working toward our vision of creating the most efficient transportation network in North America.

With entry-level, professional and management positions, the opportunities are endless for your career in Corporate Services. Keep reading to get a glimpse at how each department serves our organization.
Corporate Services Departments
Corporate Driver Personnel
Responsible for recruiting and hiring company drivers and contracting owner operators, Corporate Driver Personnel (CDP) is one of the largest teams at J.B. Hunt. There are a wide variety of positions available in CDP including driver recruiters, background and scheduling specialists, and management roles.
Finance and Accounting
Financial Managers, Analysts and Accounting personnel bring attention to detail and necessary reporting that ensures we are moving towards our financial goals. Careers with this team impact hundreds of our customers and employees, and offer hands-on experience in Accounts Payable, Payroll, Tax Administration, Billing and Collections Services.
Marketing, Communications, and Creative
Our marketing, communications, and creative teams find impactful and innovative ways to tell the J.B. Hunt story. Our team of videographers, graphic designers, communications professionals, paid and organic media managers, content specialists and more work together to amplify our brand to current and prospective customers and employees.
Pricing managers work closely with our Sales, Customer Experience and Operations teams to provide strategic direction from a pricing standpoint. This team is an integral part of our business, keeping a close eye on data and trends in the market to ensure we are serving our customers the best we can.
Human Resources
Human Resources (HR) is all about people. This team manages processes and programs that impact our current and prospective employees. With a sharp focus on recruitment, retention, employee development and benefits management, HR makes sure our people are taken care of, and that we are recruiting the best and brightest to join our J.B. Hunt family.
Risk Management and Safety
The safety and well-being of our people is a top priority. Our risk management and safety teams implement training initiatives and other practices that help us become not only the most efficient transportation provider in the country, but also the safest. Responsibilities of this team include compliance, risk and claims management, litigation and workers’ compensation.
Why J.B. Hunt
Hear from our employees in Corporate Services
“The energy anywhere you go in this company seems to be so motivating and full of excitement, each department has that family feel to it and welcoming atmosphere. It’s amazing to see such a high level of exposure to the leadership teams and see them engaged with the employees so often. J.B. Hunt is that place that cares to hear what you have to say and feel like you have a purpose regardless of which role you are in.”

Does Lance’s experience as a driver recruiter sound like something you would be great at? View openings within our Corporate Driver Personnel team!
Corporate Driver Personnel
Director, Talent Acquisition,
Human Resources
“I actually found out about the opportunities through a mutual contact who knew that J.B. Hunt was hiring at the time. And he just really spoke volumes about how great the company was, how just friendly and family-oriented the people for the organization are, and how it just is really a company that challenged its employees and provided them with several opportunities for just career growth.

“To me, that was something that I was really looking for. Something that was challenging. I did a little bit of research on the company. And again, it just kind of further confirmed what that mutual contact told me about the company. And then from there I interviewed, and here I am now nine years later.”

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