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J.B. Hunt’s Customer Experience department delivers top-notch customer solutions and manages key relationships with our customers and several internal teams. Customer Experience professionals are the face of our business and help us achieve our company goals.


Engaging Career Opportunities

Customer Experience offers rewarding career paths that will deepen your knowledge of our industry and sharpen your customer development skillset. Learn more about the thrilling career paths within this department, available at corporate or at field locations across the country.


Customer Experience Account Manager

Customer Experience Account Managers are responsible for the management and execution of customer freight orders while delivering an exceptional experience for customers. By creating and maintaining valuable customer relationships, they are able to develop a deep understanding of the customer’s unique needs and create diversified solutions.

Customer Experience Support

Customer Experience Support teams keep up with the highly detailed tasks that support the success of various teams across J.B. Hunt. In this role, professionals are responsible for booking loads and entering customer orders, scheduling pick-ups and deliveries and staying informed on the status of each load along its route.

Customer Experience Rotational Program

The Customer Experience Rotational Development Program (CERDP) is an 18-month experience that launches your career in Customer Experience. With robust training from our Sales, Pricing and Operations teams, you will gain a deep understanding of how our people, processes and technology are utilized to drive value for our customers. At the end of the program, you will be placed with the team that best fits your interests.

Management Potential

Within Customer Experience, there is ample opportunity for your career to grow. From entry-level positions through management and leadership roles, there are clear paths to advancement that make it easy to visualize your career and where you want to go.


Client Manager

Client Managers serve as the strategic point-of-contact between our customers and core stakeholders within J.B. Hunt. In this role, Client Managers take ownership of an account and are responsible for cultivating the relationship with the customer, managing the day-to-day and overseeing the success of our business practices.

Customer Experience Manager

Customer Experience Managers lead a team of Customer Experience personnel and direct them in their day-to-day responsibilities. Customer Experience Managers serve as a mentor to their team, ensuring their performance is up to company standards and supporting them in their individual career goals.

Setting You Up for Success

A career in Customer Experience benefits our people just as much as the department benefits our company. Learn why a career within this department could have a significant impact on your professional success.

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Make an Impact

We bring a level of success and satisfaction to our customers that would not be possible without our Customer Experience professionals. This department helps achieve business goals and maintain relationships. Customer Experience teams have a hand in every aspect of our business and take on responsibilities crucial to our future success.

Learn the Business

A career with Customer Experience exposes you to all facets of our company and industry. There are vast opportunities to learn our business through working regularly with internal teams such as Operations, Pricing and Sales, to name just a few. As a Customer Experience professional, you stand to gain a strong understanding of supply chain and logistics.

Advance Your Career

With entry-level, professional and management opportunities available, the career paths for employees within Customer Experience are limitless. Customer Experience professionals gain first-hand knowledge of how several J.B. Hunt teams function, providing the unique advantage for career growth within Customer Experience or other departments if desired.


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