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Transportation Meets Technology

J.B. Hunt Engineering and Technology is built of energetic professionals who bring their expertise and passion to work every day. We create and utilize tools in many platforms such as web, mobile, AI, machine learning, virtual reality and more.


Why J.B. Hunt?

Hear from our employees in Engineering and Technology

Right Mode

“From tracking and finding freight to delivering it faster and more efficiently, we continue to advance technology in many aspects of the transportation industry. What we do on the technology side plays an important role in enabling our business to grow year over year.”
Peyton, Manager II

Right Investments

“Whether it’s our Hackathons that allow our engineering teams to focus on special projects or our Elevation process that puts structure around assessing every employee idea that’s submitted, our people and their talents are our most important asset and clearly the best investment we make.”
Cameron, Sr. Manager

Right Culture

“J.B. Hunt’s Engineering and Technology team is in a very transformative phase of its journey right now. Everyone is rallying together; trying to improve and accept new ideas and changes to processes. It’s rare that you find a culture so open to change and improvement."
Justin, Sr. Manager


Right Opportunities

“This company has done nothing but give me ample opportunities to grow in leadership and management. Not only am I being given achievable goals, but I am also given visibility opportunities with leadership that normally do not occur until years later for individuals.”
Chelsea, Manager II

Right Place

"I’m learning about new technologies in my job, and I love that challenge. For anyone who wants to keep up with the latest tech stack and have career growth by working in teams built upon communication, trust, innovation and recognition, J.B. Hunt is the right place.”
Swapna, Manager I

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