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Explore a career with J.B. Hunt outside of Northwest Arkansas.

J.B. Hunt is an industry-leading transportation and logistics company, serving hundreds of customers across North America. While headquartered in Northwest Arkansas, many of our exciting career opportunities are also available at field locations, or on-site with customers, in most major cities and regions across the United States.  

Not in Northwest Arkansas? Not a problem! Keep reading to learn more about the career opportunities that could be open near you and the benefits of joining our team in the field.  

Field Internships

At J.B. Hunt, we offer summer and year-round internships with our Brokerage and Operations groups at most of our field locations. Interns in the field become a valued part of our team, supporting projects and managing tasks that provide hands-on, real-world experience. Interns also benefit greatly from professional development resources and networking opportunities that lay the groundwork for a fulfilling supply chain career.  

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Manager Trainee Program

The Manager Trainee Program sets your career up for success. The program lasts three-to-six months, during which you will work closely with our Operations teams and customers to learn how to move freight in the most efficient way possible. During the program, you’ll benefit from in-depth and personalized training to sharpen your skills, while gaining on-the-job experience. After completing the program, you will be placed with the team that best fits your passion.     

“We do well for people who really show initiative and have a vision for themselves. We do a good job of setting those people up for success,” said Ahmad, a director of Operations based in Austin, Texas. “If you come in as a Manager in Training and you have initiative, drive and work ethic, then J.B. Hunt does a good job of pulling you aside and laying out a career path for you. We want to help people see career development here.” 

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Full-Time Opportunities in the Field  

Because of J.B. Hunt’s strong national reach, many of our competitive and dynamic operations positions are held in the field. Operations professionals manage the systems, personnel and processes that help move our company forward. With ample opportunity for career growth, if you are willing to put in the work and show your dedication, a career in Operations could take you places.  

To better serve our customers nationwide, we also have sales and brokerage positions, ranging from entry-level to management roles, available in the field. Both our sales and brokerage teams lean on cutting-edge technology, like our J.B. Hunt 360°® platform, to provide unique logistics solutions for customers and help us create the most efficient transportation network in North America.

“You know, I think us compared to another company, I don’t think there’s another company who might do as much as we do,” said Jim, a director of sales in Chicago.  “So as we continue to grow, there’s going to be jobs and new opportunities that exist. You can have a career and get involved on the ground floor of things we start-up and new ways to help our customers that don’t exist today.”

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Benefits of Working in the Field 

J.B. Hunt field locations are not your traditional office environment. Our field offices are fast-paced and lively, thriving on a spirit of teamwork and collaboration. There is a new challenge every day, and teams regularly work together to problem-solve and make sure we meet company and customer expectations.   

Many will tell you that the best part of life at J.B. Hunt in the field is the small company feel, while still benefiting from working for a Fortune 500 company. Much like the culture at our corporate offices, the culture in the field is that of family. Employees in the field grow close to their team members, and across job types, build a sense of camaraderie with their peers on a personal and professional level.

“It’s a great atmosphere. The one thing I do like about working in the field is, I feel like you get a little bit more of that family-oriented atmosphere because it isn’t as big,” said Sales Executive, Montez, based out of Overland Park, Kan. “You know, you don’t have 500-plus people within the office, so with a small office, everybody is able to kind of know each other a little bit more.”  

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If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at one of our field locations in your area, we’d love to meet you! Search jobs to find the position near you that best fits your interests, or connect with us on LinkedIn!

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