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Learn more about the manager trainee career opportunities available at J.B. Hunt.

At J.B. Hunt, we are lucky to have nearly 35,000 talented individuals that continuously work to achieve our vision of creating the most efficient transportation network in North America. Every position here is integral to driving long-term value for our customers and shareholders, but all people at J.B. Hunt get their start somewhere. A common starting point for many office employees at J.B. Hunt is our Manager Trainee Program.

If you’re interested in jump-starting your career at J.B. Hunt and learning more about the transportation and supply chain world, let’s take a deeper look into why the Manager Trainee Program might be a great fit for you.

What is a Manager Trainee? What are the qualifications?

As a manager trainee, you will be placed into one of our business units and work with J.B. Hunt drivers, operations teams, service teams, customer experience teams and pricing analysts to get an inside look into J.B. Hunt’s processes from beginning to end. This is a great opportunity to network and build relationships with drivers, customers and other J.B. Hunt employees that could last a lifetime.

For people that are looking for entry-level positions that travel regularly, this program will be the perfect opportunity for you to do that. Another great thing about this program is that there are opportunities all across the country to become a Manager Trainee, both at our corporate campus and field locations. As a part of this program, we even offer comprehensive relocation packages for employees that qualify.

Interested in becoming a part of the Manager Trainee Program at J.B. Hunt? Search jobs to find an opening near you.

Why J.B. Hunt? Why take part in the Manager Trainee Program?

Here at J.B. Hunt, our people are always at the forefront of what we do. Because of that, we are continuously investing in them and strive to give them the best work and life balance possible. We offer extensive physical and mental health benefits, opportunities to continue education for our employees and their children or grandchildren, parental benefits for new parents or adoptive parents and amazing amenities for our people to enjoy.

Many of the J.B. Hunt employees that have completed this program have gone on to become managers, directors, vice presidents and even executive leadership within the company. Some of our very own executives such as Nick Hobbs – Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Brad Hicks – Executive Vice President of People and President of Highway Services, Greer Woodruff – Executive Vice President of Safety, Sustainability and Maintenance and so many more started their careers at J.B. Hunt as manager trainees. Having these examples of success stories in this program is a great way to see what is possible after taking part in the Manager Trainee Program.

If you’re new to the world of supply-chain, logistics and transportation, then this program could also be a great place to launch the next step in your career. “The program not only taught me all the basics that I needed to know about J.B. Hunt and its processes, but it was a crash course in all things trucking,” says Emily, Dedicated Contract Services® operations manager. Not only can you learn about the industry, but you can also learn about different roles within J.B. Hunt and network with other employees for possible career opportunities after the program.

Hear from J.B. Hunt Employees with Experience as a Manager Trainee

Sometimes the best way to find out what a job is really like is from the people who have experienced it themselves. Hear from J.B. Hunt employees that are currently in or have promoted out of the program.

Abby, Manager Trainee, Intermodal Manager Development Program (IMDP)

After spending about a year and a half at J.B. Hunt as an Intermodal Appointments intern, Abby decided to look into the Intermodal Manager Development Program after learning about it from her former leadership team. She stated that the program is perfect for people that have a thirst for knowledge, love networking and are self-motivated in their pursuit of a fulfilling professional career.

“This program will set you up for success and you will meet so many people along the way that can and will impact your career.” – Abby

Jack, Manager I

Graduating college in 2020, Jack wanted a career with a company where he could see himself long-term, and that’s how he came to be at J.B. Hunt. The Manager Trainee Program that he participated in was an integral part of him learning the ins and outs of J.B. Hunt and finding the area of the company that he wanted to work in after the program. Jack has now completed the program and has been promoted to a Manager I, Operations in our Dedicated Contract Services business unit.

Ted, Manager Trainee, IMDP

When Ted started at J.B. Hunt in 2022, he was initially working in a finance position within the company, but after his manager told him about the Manager Trainee Program, he became interested in taking part. Describing the program as a fast-paced journey, Ted was thankful for the opportunity to be exposed to all different aspects of the intermodal journey from start to finish.

“I’m excited to use what I learn in this program to help make a real difference for the company.” – Ted

Emily, Manager I

While in college, Emily had a professor that recommended the J.B. Hunt Manager Trainee Program to her. Coming from a family of transportation professionals, she had a feeling that this program would be the perfect fit for her. She suggests that if you are interested in gaining foundational tools that can make you successful in the supply-chain and transportation industry, then this program might also be perfect for you. Emily started her Manager Trainee position with one of our agricultural customers and is now making a difference as a Manager I, Operations in our Dedicated Contract Services business unit.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or looking to dive into a new career within the transportation industry, the Manager Trainee Program could be the perfect fit for you.

Search open Manager Trainee positions today and become a part of the J.B. Hunt scroll.

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