J.B. Hunt Summer Internship Program

Read more about how a J.B. Hunt internship can set your career up for success.

Each year, we bring in some of the best and brightest students from the college ranks to join J.B. Hunt’s summer internship program. Our internships give you hands-on experience and exposure to our business. From Engineering and Technology to Driver Recruitment, Sales, Operations and more, there are many reasons to take advantage of our exciting, paid internship opportunities, available both at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas and at a variety of field locations across the country.

How Do Employees Gain Work Experience at J.B. Hunt?

Our J.B. Hunt interns have so much to gain from their time here with us. As an intern, you will have access to J.B. Hunt’s leadership and management through multiple events, live streams and meet and greets. Our leadership believes in our people. When speaking to the possible future of our company, they’re eager to share their successes, lessons learned and industry insights with interns that could be invaluable to you and your career growth.

Interns also work on live projects with real-world impact, adding significant value to our company and your resume.   

Why Are J.B. Hunt Internships Important?

An internship with J.B. Hunt can lead down many roads. It can help you set goals for your long-term career and give valuable insight into the intricacies of a job, our company and our whole industry. A J.B. Hunt internship can also grow your professional network, helping you connect and build relationships with people in your chosen field.

A J.B. Hunt internship could also lead to a full-time position when your college career has completed. Who wouldn’t want to have a head start after graduation?

Join the fun! Apply to be an Intern with J.B. Hunt

If this sounds like something that appeals to you or someone you know, search for J.B. Hunt internships near you and apply today. You can also check out our events page to connect with us at our upcoming college recruiting events near you. For those who are members of the U.S. Armed Forces, J.B. Hunt’s collaboration with Skillbridge provides additional internship opportunities as well.

Thank you so much to our 2022 J.B. Hunt interns for the impact you are making! We hope you have a great time, learn a lot and stay connected with us!

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