Capacity to Deliver

Our capacity to deliver moves freight and careers forward.

At J.B. Hunt, our vision is to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. It’s our capacity to deliver, along with our people and our technology, that we believe fuels us toward this goal. We’re a growth-minded company, constantly looking for new, innovative ways to make freight move and become more efficient, expansive and differentiated for our customers. 

Because of our capacity to deliver, there are so many rewarding career opportunities with J.B. Hunt that put you at the forefront of the industry. Here’s how our multimodal mindset impacts careers at J.B. Hunt.  

Capacity to Deliver 

When we say we have the capacity to deliver, we’re referring to the diverse ways we make freight move and create value for our customers. It also means we’re resilient in tough markets and remain future-focused on new opportunities to lead the industry and build stronger, together. As we expand our capacity to deliver, we’re excited for the new, engaging career opportunities that our company growth will bring our people.  

From operations to equipment maintenance, here are the different ways our teams work together to make freight move across North America through our company business units! 

Dedicated Contract Services®  

Through Dedicated, we manage fleet operations for customers so they can focus on their business. Our dedicated model provides customers with the same benefit of a private fleet, with less risk. 

Final Mile Services®  

Final Mile Services delivers and installs products directly to a consumer’s home, managing the supply chain journey for customers every step of the way. 


Our Intermodal business unit serves our customers through railroad operations, providing a cost-effective and more sustainable way to move freight.  

Highway Services  

Highway Services leverages our company-owned fleet and third-party logistics services to create a better overall experience for our carriers, customers and our people. 

Technology That Moves Freight  

As a company, we’re focused on utilizing technology as a way to connect customers with our capacity. J.B. Hunt’s cutting-edge solutions, like our J.B. Hunt 360°® platform, continue to lead the industry thanks to our expert engineering and technology teams focused on enhancing and improving how we leverage technology to drive the industry.  

From engaging internship opportunities to impactful full-time careers, our engineering and technology teams are reinventing supply chain and logistics.  

Connect with Us  

We know our people will continue to drive our success in the years ahead. If you’re considering a new career in supply chain and logistics, join our Talent Community to stay connected on upcoming career opportunities.   

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