Our Commitment to Military Employees

As a company, J.B. Hunt strives to honor and support those who serve our country.

At J.B. Hunt, we are dedicated to honoring the men and women who serve our country. In the past 60 years, we have made supporting our military a top priority for our company. In fact, our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, was a veteran himself!

We recognize the sacrifices made by our military employees and have put programs in place to uplift veteran and active-duty employees. From our commitment to military hiring to our many training and development opportunities, learn more about what makes J.B. Hunt one of the top military-friendly employers in the nation.

“Initially I wanted to work for J.B. Hunt because I am a veteran and I know that J.B. Hunt is a very veteran-friendly company, so that drew me in at first,” said Bo, a client manager. “As I began working at J.B. Hunt, what made me stick is really just the people here within the organization, my teammates and working every day and learning from them.”

Our Military Hiring Pledge

We are fully committed to military hiring, with nearly one in seven J.B. Hunt employees being a veteran. In 2014, J.B. Hunt pledged to hire 10,000 veterans by 2020, and that’s exactly what we did. We have expanded the program and set an ongoing goal of hiring 1,600 more veterans every year.

With driver, maintenance and office career opportunities available nationwide, we want to help veterans and active-duty service members find their next job and get the most out of their civilian careers.

J.B. Hunt employee poses with award for excellence in military hiring.

Training and Development Opportunities for Military Employees

J.B. Hunt offers several training and development opportunities for veteran employees, transitioning service members and their spouses. The SkillBridge* Internship Program provides hands-on training across all business units for transitioning military members, giving them the tools they need to excel in their civilian careers. We also offer personalized onboarding support, providing military members and their spouses with a mentor to help guide them through the next chapter in their careers.

Our military-focused training is not only geared towards veterans or active-duty employees, they are there for their managers, too! We provide specialized training for J.B. Hunt managers and supervisors, so they have the tools they need to support and encourage military employees.

Group of J.B. Hunt VERG members.

 Supporting Our Active-Duty Employees

We’re proud to have active-duty military members on the J.B. Hunt team, and we recognize their commitment to our nation and our company. To encourage them through their continued service, J.B. Hunt supports active-duty employees and their families through our military deployment and reentry guide, as well as make-whole and differential pay, to help them successfully manage their military commitments and their jobs at J.B. Hunt.

Active-duty employees are eligible for leave during their deployment, during which they have access to all or some of their benefits.

J.B. Hunt military employee holds flag.

Engaging the Community and Company

J.B. Hunt collaborates with several external non-profit organizations to be able to provide financial assistance, job training, placement services, job accommodations and support for transitioning service members and disabled veterans.

Our Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) provides J.B. Hunt employees with a unique space for learning, support and understanding by giving veterans a place to share their stories and build a community at work. As a company, we host and assist with several military-focused events annually, like Wreaths Across America, to further pay our respect to those who serve our country.

“J.B. Hunt is really involved with the veteran’s side of things, and promoting that not only within their drivers, but within the office,” said Adeliene, a senior customer experience representative. “That’s a big thing to me, because we need to honor those men and women that did give their lives for our country or volunteered to be in the service. It’s hard work, and I saw that as a kid. I was raised in a military family, so that’s one thing that I love about J.B. Hunt, is how they honor the people that work for them.”

J.B. Hunt employees hold flags at Wreaths Across America ceremony.


If you are looking to join a military-friendly company, then J.B. Hunt is the place for you! Search jobs to find the position that best fits your interests or connect with us on LinkedIn!

*The Department of Defense and Service Branches do not endorse any company, sponsor, or their products or services.

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