CAAPITAL: Cultivating Asian American Pacific Islanders Together as Leaders

Learn more about J.B. Hunt’s newest employee resource group that celebrates AAPI culture.

At J.B. Hunt, we strongly believe that we are only successful when every employee feels respected, represented and empowered. As a company, we’ve taken many steps that we believe provide a workplace where all employees, regardless of their background, feel included and valued.

One of the ways we advance inclusion at J.B. Hunt is through our employee resource groups (ERGs). We’re excited to highlight our sixth ERG, Cultivating Asian American Pacific Islanders Together as Leaders (CAAPITAL). Keep reading to learn more about our newest ERG, and how CAAPITAL fuels J.B. Hunt’s inclusive company culture.


CAAPITAL brings support and awareness of Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) culture to J.B. Hunt. CAAPITAL provides AAPI employees and allies with a space to share ideas, build community, find opportunities for professional growth and make an impact on J.B. Hunt’s overall inclusion efforts.

Through their five pillars of focus, CAAPITAL amplifies the voices and experiences of AAPI employees, bringing educational, cultural and social awareness of AAPI culture to all employees at J.B. Hunt.

Connect and Collaborate

CAAPITAL prioritizes building community at work. Through various events, activities and speaking engagements, CAAPITAL members can come together in support of AAPI culture and connect with employees across the organization.

“CAAPITAL strives to build a genuine and authentic community here at J.B. Hunt through various employee engagement opportunities in the form of events and consistent communication through our channels,” said Erica, an onboarding training specialist and CAAPITAL board member. “We want to better educate all employees, but more importantly, we want all employees to feel like they have a supportive and welcoming community here with CAAPITAL.”

Recruit and Retain

CAAPITAL supports J.B. Hunt’s overall inclusive recruiting efforts to build an even better J.B. Hunt. As a company, we’re committed to inclusive hiring, and through this pillar, CAAPITAL helps ensure that we’re recruiting and retaining talent that helps us continue to be a workplace that’s bigger, stronger, better together.

“Everyone should consider joining CAAPITAL, not just those who identify as AAPI,” said Avigail, CAAPITAL’s Recruit and Retain pillar chair and an engineering and technology manager. “This will provide education and social awareness for everybody. This helps [everyone] understand cultural differences that lead us to be more respectful and empathetic to others, that then leads to a better working relationship.”

Culture and Inclusion

CAAPITAL works to empower J.B. Hunt employees to cultivate a company culture that is inclusive and celebrates everyone, beyond just AAPI culture. This pillar makes sure that CAAPITAL works closely with the other company ERGs to promote a workplace environment that’s representative and understanding of all backgrounds.

“CAAPITAL and all ERGs help provide support to underrepresented employees in the workplace,” said Asha, a CAAPITAL board member and senior engineering and technology manager. “CAAPITAL and other ERGs let employees know that they have a group they can rely on to get a sense of belonging and acceptance. ERGs enhance the employee experience and improve company innovation.”

Field Engagement

J.B. Hunt has many employees working across the country. Through this pillar, CAAPITAL ensures that we’re reaching all employees outside of our headquarters in Northwest Arkansas and providing them with the same support and resources they need to stay connected and feel empowered at work.

“CAAPITAL brings a voice to the AAPI community where no other group had before. It is an important piece of including Asian, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders within the J.B. Hunt family,” said Elle, a sales executive in Atlanta, Ga and CAAPITAL’s Field Engagement pillar chair. “There are many ways to get involved: volunteer at an event, plan an event, speak or be on a panel. Whether you are at corporate or in the field, there are plenty of opportunities to be involved and show your true self.”

Training and Development

CAAPITAL strives to help J.B. Hunt employees find personal and professional growth. Through CAAPITAL, J.B. Hunt employees can benefit from professional development opportunities, trainings and resources that advance inclusion, bring cultural awareness of AAPI culture and help them accomplish their goals.

“We all have, throughout our lives, things that we learn, things that we gain, and an ERG gives you an opportunity to meet and collaborate with people who have similar mindsets as well as similar things that you like in common,” said Luis, a service execution manager. “It will give an opportunity to network, which is a big key to the success of anyone within J.B. Hunt.”

Be Part of Something Big

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CAAPITAL brings support and awareness of Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) culture to J.B. Hunt. CAAPITAL provides AAPI employees and allies with a space to share ideas, build community, find opportunities for professional growth and make an impact on J.B. Hunt’s overall inclusion efforts. 

Why are employee resource groups important?  

Employee resource groups (ERGs) welcome the ideas and foster the interests of all company employees, regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender. ERGs offer a way to get involved and connect with other employees to drive personal and professional development.  

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