Employee Appreciation at J.B. Hunt

We’re proud of the people who make up J.B. Hunt, and we show our appreciation by investing in our people.

At J.B. Hunt, we believe that what makes our company so special is our people. Our people are difference makers in the world of transportation and logistics, so anything is possible when it comes to them.

To honor the amazing people who make up our scroll, we’re celebrating the whole month of March as Employee Appreciation Month. In the month of March, J.B. Hunt is encouraging all employees to utilize our Celebrate platform, a website for employees to share recognition by leaving some kudos for the People You Trust. Some of the ways that we’re celebrating at J.B. Hunt is by having Celebrate points giveaways that are equivalent to dollars to spend on prizes, team parties, messages from leadership and other treats that show our people how special they are.  

Because we believe that our people are special, we aim to take care of them to the best of our ability every single day. Let’s dive into some of the things that J.B. Hunt does to show our people how valued they are.

Investing in Education

One of the exciting things that we offer our employees is opportunities to use Workday Learning as well as LinkedIn Learning, free of charge, to further their knowledge on different professional topics. Investing in learning opportunities like these means that our people can further develop their skills and knowledge to guide them in their professional development, job growth aspirations and potential higher pay. J.B. Hunt loves providing our people with these tools and can’t wait to see the amazing things that they learn along the way.

J.B. Hunt instills in their people how important it is to continue learning. Go to conferences, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, etc. There are always ways to invest in yourself here.”Quantarius, Software Engineer

Our commitment to supporting our employees extends to their families, too. Administered by Scholarship America, J.B. Hunt Scholarship Program for Families provides financial assistance to eligible dependent children or grandchildren of J.B. Hunt employees. Last year, 100 recipients were awarded scholarships that totaled more than $437,000. This program is an amazing way for us to give back to our employees and their families.

Also, for our employees, if continuing your education is the next step you’re wanting to take in your career, we want to help you with that next step. Available for full-time employees that have been with the company for at least six months, J.B. Hunt offers tuition reimbursement for business-related degree programs from any regionally accredited college or university, up to $5,250 per year.

Investing in the communities that we live in is something that J.B. Hunt is very passionate about. That’s why our drivers take part in the Adopt-a-Class program every year to give back to their very own community. In this program, drivers can nominate their child’s or grandchild’s classroom for school supply donations. Since we started this program in 2013, J.B. Hunt has been able to give nearly $275,000 in donations to 290 classrooms across the country.

J.B. Hunt's Adopt-a-Class program where we give back to J.B. Hunt driver's child's or grandchild's classroom.

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J.B. Hunt Cares About Your Health

At J.B. Hunt, we want to make sure our people are always taken care of, and that means that physical and mental health is of the utmost importance. For the third year in a row, J.B. Hunt has made significant investments in medical plans to support our people, meaning inflation costs have been absorbed by the company so our people have affordable healthcare options for themselves and their families.

“The culture and the foundation that Mr. and Mrs. Hunt established for our company always started with the great care for our people. That starts with the health and wellness of our employees.” – Brad Hicks, Executive Vice President of People and President of Highway Services

One of the many benefits available is a Health Savings Accounts (HSA) with company contributions and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) account options. By having these types of options, we want to make sure that our people can buy everyday necessities that their insurance might not cover like copays, over the counter medicines, pregnancy essentials and more.

Another life-changing feature that J.B. Hunt offers is access to free mental health therapy sessions. All J.B. Hunt employees are eligible for eight free sessions through Spring Health. These free sessions are an amazing opportunity for our employees to take care of their mental health and make sure they’re the best version of themselves.

Welcoming a child is an exciting time for new parents, and J.B. Hunt wants to help their people have as much of a seamless experience as possible. Birthing parents can benefit from up to six weeks of 100% paid maternity leave and non-birthing partners can take up to two weeks of paid paternal leave. In addition to parental leave, J.B. Hunt also provides financial support, up to $5,000, to employees who welcome a child to their family through adoption. Adoptive parents are also eligible for two weeks of 100% paid leave as well to spend time with their newest family member.

Little boy holds up J.B. Hunt foam finger at the annual Truck Driving Championship celebration.

Making sure our people are taken care of is something that we care about at J.B. Hunt, and we’re always striving to find new and exciting benefits and ways to support our people.

If you want to join a company that always strives to show their people how valued they are, search here for jobs.

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