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Join one of J.B. Hunt’s most driven teams and make an impact helping truck drivers find a better job and a better life.

At J.B. Hunt, our Corporate Driver Personnel (CDP) team helps drive the success of our company. Under Corporate Services, CDP employees are responsible for recruiting company drivers and contracting owner operators. CDP is one of the largest teams at J.B. Hunt, made up of hard-working individuals who are passionate about sharing their team’s mission of providing drivers a better job, and a better life.

“I like being part of a team that is literally one of the best in the business,” said Jeff, a senior manager in CDP. “It’s one thing to be part of something that is good or competitive, but I honestly believe we are among the best driver hiring groups in the world. It’s like playing in the majors versus the farm league.”

Keep reading to learn more about how CDP serves our drivers and our company, and a few reasons to consider a career with this team.

Exciting Career Opportunities

Our rewarding CDP career opportunities are open at our corporate headquarters in Northwest Arkansas. As part of this team, your job is to build personal connections with driver candidates and help them understand how driving with J.B. Hunt can greatly impact them and their families.

There are many job types available with this team, with positions including driver recruiters, background and scheduling specialists, and management roles. Plus, CDP is a great team to join if you’re looking for professional growth, with clear paths for career advancement into management or leadership roles.

“I started with the company in 1988 processing rehires,” said Renee, a senior director in CDP. “From there I went into management and was over a team that processed the experienced drivers. I’ve spent my entire career in CDP, and during that time, have worked in every area including recruiting and marketing.”

CDP employees pose by "Better Job, Better Life" sign.

Family-Feel Team Culture

The CDP team is truly that … a team. There’s a great sense of teamwork and collaboration within this group that sets the team apart. Many employees within CDP describe the team’s culture as one of a family, and consider the people, drivers and team members, one of the best parts of the job.

“My team feels like family more than not, and I’ve made some very good friends here in CDP,” said Background Verification Coordinator, Jacob. “I get up in the morning and enjoy coming into work rather than dreading it. CDP has been a great experience overall and I look forward to growing with the company and realizing my potential here.”

CDP works hard, but also makes time for fun! The leadership team offers fun incentives and prize giveaways to motivate their teams, encourages employees to huddle every morning and celebrates holiday parties and themed dress-up days that make coming to work a blast!

CDP team of eleven people dressed up for Christmas in front of J.B. Hunt sign.

Make a Difference Daily

Employees within CDP make an impact every single day. At J.B. Hunt, drivers are more than just numbers. Our recruiters really care about the drivers we recruit personally and work hard to match them with driving jobs that can greatly improve their lives through more home time, route opportunities, benefits and more.

“What I like the most about our department is that we get to see first-hand the impact our opportunities have on our drivers,” said Sabryn, a driver recruiter. “It’s amazing to see and have the chance to work with these drivers directly and really get to know them.”

CDP has just as big of an impact on our organization as they do on our drivers. Leadership is very engaged with CDP and serves as their biggest cheerleaders. Management and leadership seek recruiter’s feedback on what we’re hearing from drivers and encourages everyone to share ideas on how we can do things better.

CDP employee, Casey, holding a Top Performer award box outside J.B. Hunt Technology building.

Hard Work is Noticed and Rewarded

CDP is vital to the success of J.B. Hunt, and because of that, the company notices and rewards the hard work that every CDP team member contributes through bonus plans or leadership recognition.

Recently, we instituted a bonus incentive plan for CDP, where hourly employees can receive bonuses contingent on hitting weekly driver hiring numbers. This is just one of the various bonus opportunities or weekly cash incentives CDP employees can take advantage of as we strive to meet our hiring goals.

“The thing I like most about our department, other than giving drivers a better job and a better life, is leadership’s dedication to being our cheerleaders by enhancing our days through transparency, open communication and positive reinforcement,” shared Kimberly, a driver recruiter.

CDP graphic featuring the hiring incentive.


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