Internships That Make an Impact

Here’s how an internship with J.B. Hunt could impact your future and ignite your supply chain and logistics career.

Internships are one of the best ways to get job experience ahead of launching your full-time career. At J.B. Hunt, our interns are a vital part of our company. We value the new ideas and fresh perspectives interns bring to our team, and in return, provide you with a rewarding internship experience that sets your career up for success.  

“Interns are incredibly important,” said Elle, an early talent acquisition manager. “A lot of times, interns think that they’ll just be delivering coffee or doing these minimalistic tasks that aren’t really helping their careers, but here that’s not the case. You’re really getting that impactful experience and the opportunity to really understand your field.” 

With paid internship opportunities available at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas and locations across the country, a J.B. Hunt internship is a great way to see what your full-time career could look like. If you’re a current college junior or senior, here’s why you should consider an internship with J.B. Hunt.  

Why Apply to a J.B. Hunt Internship?  

J.B. Hunt internships provide hands-on experience that gets you ready for the next step in your career. Throughout your internship, you can benefit from networking opportunities, professional development resources and time with leadership that can deepen your understanding of supply chain and make your resume shine. Plus, a J.B. Hunt internship could even lead to a full-time career with us after graduation.  

“What’s really cool about J.B. Hunt is they give their interns projects that actually add value to the company,” said Grace, an engineering and technology intern. “The projects I’m working on are things that full-time employees work on, and you really get a unique experience to understand what it’s like to apply your major outside of the classroom.” 

J.B. Hunt’s Summer Internship Program 

During our eight-week summer internship program, interns from across the country spend the summer in Northwest Arkansas learning from various departments. Throughout the program, interns can enjoy workshops, meet and greets with leadership and social activities that can build your network and sharpen your skills.  

“J.B. Hunt is a place where you’re going to grow and you are going to become a completely different person for the better,” said Kappy, an Integrated Capacity Solutions intern. “If you’re looking for an internship that pushes you, this is the place. You will see at the end of the program that it was the right decision for your career.” 

Year-Round J.B. Hunt Internship Opportunities  

Available at locations across the country, our field internship opportunities are an exciting way to learn more about supply chain and gain first-hand experience working with our Operations team. Internships in the field can be available over the summer or year-round, with flexible scheduling to accommodate your class commitments.  

“As an Operations intern, you get daily exposure to everything transportation,” said Gabriela, an early talent acquisition recruiter. “One of the biggest benefits, in my opinion, is having that hands-on experience. You get to see everything in real time, and you get the opportunity to work with one of the biggest transportation companies in North America.” 

Connect With Us  

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