Jumpstart Your J.B. Hunt Maintenance Career

Learn more about J.B. Hunt’s Technician Trainee program that builds tractor and trailer maintenance careers.

At J.B. Hunt, we provide the tools and resources tractor and trailer technicians need to be successful in their careers with our Equipment Maintenance teams. Our Technician Trainee Program is designed for those who are ready to start up their career as a diesel mechanic. The program provides hands-on training that helps build maintenance skills from the ground up, preparing entry-level technicians for tractor or trailer mechanic career opportunities with our team after completing their training.  

The Technician Trainee Program is offered at J.B. Hunt maintenance locations around the country. Keep reading to learn more about this training program, and how it impacts careers and provides a deep understanding of diesel systems.

Why Join J.B. Hunt’s Maintenance Technician Trainee Program?

Throughout the program, trainees have a front-row seat to observe, learn and gain a deeper understanding of diesel technician duties and responsibilities. By working with a dedicated trainer, trainees master trade skills, make connections and get to work with the latest tools, technology and equipment that sets our team apart from the rest. 

Trainees leave the program confident in their abilities and knowledge of key truck components and equipment parts. Trainees go from little experience with tractor or trailer mechanics at the beginning, to being able to confidently diagnose issues and make standard repairs in a matter of months. 

“For me personally, as I progress further with the company, they’re going to be like, ‘Wow! This guy started off not knowing anything and now he can pretty much do most jobs,’” shared Matthew, a former trainee and current tractor technician in East Brunswick, NJ. “Any company that sees someone go from nothing to being, you know, a big help in the shop, that says something.”

What Experience Level is Required to Apply?

The J.B. Hunt Technician Trainee Program is designed to equip entry-level diesel mechanics, with little to no prior experience, with the training, tools and knowledge they need to make tractor or trailer maintenance and repairs.

What Do Diesel Mechanics Get from the Program?

Technician Trainees are hired on as full-time J.B. Hunt maintenance employees and are provided a toolbox with a basic toolset. Trainees work closely with an assigned trainer throughout the program to gain hands-on experience and guidance from seasoned equipment maintenance technicians who are dedicated to helping them learn.

How Long Does the Technician Trainee Program Last?

The program lasts roughly one year but could vary in length based on the trainee’s progress and shop needs. Plus, trainees are often hired into non-training positions after completing the program, where they can use the skills acquired to build a career with J.B. Hunt.

Start Your J.B. Hunt Equipment Maintenance Career

There are many reasons to start your career as a diesel mechanic with J.B. Hunt. We put a heavy focus on safety and inclusion at all J.B. Hunt shops, prioritizing the personal and professional well-being of all employees at work. We also pride ourselves in our promote-from-within culture, making the career possibilities endless with our Equipment Maintenance teams.

“I always say, J.B. Hunt is a good company to work for where you can have longevity,” said Rico, a maintenance supervisor in Memphis, TN. “We have plenty of equipment to work on, and as I grow, the company is growing and growing.”

Whether you are at the beginning of your career, or an experienced technician with years of experience, J.B. Hunt provides the tools you need to achieve your career goals.  


If you are interested in starting a career with our Equipment Maintenance teams, even if you’re new to the industry, we’d love to meet you! Search jobs to find the position that best fits your interests nearest you.

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