J.B. Hunt’s Tech Innovation Starts with Our People

Our Engineering and Technology Development Program sets entry-level engineers up for success.

What makes J.B. Hunt’s Engineering and Technology department such a great place to build your career? Our Engineering and Technology Development Program (ETDP)! Launched in 2016, this 18-month program helps entry-level engineers find the best fit for their career at J.B. Hunt, through a rotation of experiences working with different teams.  
“ETDP accelerates career growth for new engineers,” said Tarek, a senior director and ETDP leader. “Essentially, they get 3 years of work experience in the first 18 months of their career at J.B. Hunt.”   

Engineering and Technology Development Program

ETDP participants start their careers at J.B. Hunt surrounded by a cohort of fellow engineers from across the country. ETDP engineers integrate into the day-to-day work of each rotational team, with the constant support of a supervising manager and mentor. As part of the program, you become a valued part of the team during each rotation, working on projects with real-world impact.  

Throughout the program, you’ll really gain a deep understanding of how each Engineering and Technology team functions and collaborates with the business. At the end of the program, you’ll be placed into a full-time position with one of the teams during your rotation, starting your career in technology having already experienced that team’s roles and responsibilities.  

Program Pillars 

Learning – ETDP is designed to bridge the gap between your school and full-time career, providing professional development resources and trainings that set your career up for success. In addition, ETDP engineers can access the “Excellence in Business Communication” course, led by the University of Arkansas Walton College of Business, that prepares engineers to present to executive leadership at the conclusion of each rotation with confidence. 
“ETDP enabled me to gather knowledge and make connections across multiple areas of J.B. Hunt,” shared Client Manager, Brittany. “The experience I had in a business rotation guided my decision to pursue a customer-facing role upon graduation. It’s fulfilling to leverage my engineering skills to improve our customer experience every day!”  

Mentorship – Managers and department leadership are committed to personally mentoring each engineer throughout the program. Your manager is there to constantly guide and support you through each rotation, helping you succeed in your day-to-day responsibilities and identify the career path that best suits your long-term career.   

“When rotationals join our team, they leverage the domain knowledge, well-roundedness, and professional network that they develop during the program,” shared Doug, a VP of Enterprise Analytics. “This sets them up for success by being able to better understand complex business problems and deliver technical solutions that add value.”  

Career Development – The ETDP is a great way to learn more about the many career opportunities at J.B. Hunt, with the goal of retaining talent long-term. We want program graduates to work closely with engineering and technology teams in order to discover which career path will help you accomplish your career goals. In the last 3 years, retention for program graduates is at more than 90%.  

“Two of the biggest things I took from the ETDP were strong presentation skills and building a wide network within the company,” said Madeline, a logistics engineer.  “A recent highlight for me was participating in an all-female team that won first place in the J.B. Hunt’s 2021 Hackathon!”   

Social and Volunteer Opportunities – As part of the program, engineers are encouraged to connect with each other at work, and outside of the office exploring all that Northwest Arkansas has to offer. We also encourage every ETDP participant to find community at work through our employee resource groups (ERGs), in addition to attending program-specific events.  

Join Our Team 

Success starts with the right people, right at the start of your career. For more information on the ETDP, check out the video below to see what our graduates have to say about their time in the program, and visit jbhunt.jobs to apply today.

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