J.B. Hunt’s Technician Career Advancement Program

We’re helping diesel technicians reach their full potential through our new training program.

At J.B. Hunt, our equipment maintenance teams are vital to our company’s success. Our technicians are the people we trust to keep our trucks up and running and moving freight across the country for our customers. That’s why this year we launched our new Technician Career Advancement program – to invest in the success of our technicians.  

Looking to grow your career as a diesel technician? Keep reading to learn more about J.B. Hunt’s Technician Career Advancement program and how the program sets our diesel technicians up for personal and professional success.  

Technician Career Advancement Program 

Available at J.B. Hunt shops across the country, the Technician Career Advancement Program gives you the experience and training necessary to accelerate your career as a diesel technician. Throughout the program, you progress through different training modules focused on key areas of equipment maintenance and repairs, earning pay raises as you go. The program is open to all J.B. Hunt tractor, trailer and mobile technicians ready to build up their skillset and grow in their career. 

“It’s actually been very informative for me,” said Garcia, a tractor technician. “I came in not knowing a lot about electrical work. With the program and the modules they offer, I’ve definitely been improving my skill in electrical and that’s helped me out a lot in my job.” 

Why Join the Technician Career Advancement Program?  

The Technician Career Advancement program is one of the ways we provide career advancement opportunities for our technicians. The program offers unique training resources and the chance to increase your pay on your own timeline as you move through each stage of the course. With support of shop management every step of the way, the Technician Career Advancement can really benefit your personal and professional success.  

“The program gives me better compensation and new opportunities to grow,” shared Dylan, a senior utility technician. “The program lets you better yourself as a technician, in general. With the program, your career can go as far as you want it to.” 

Join the Technician Career Advancement Program 

We’re looking for technicians to build their careers with J.B. Hunt! To join the Technician Career Advancement program, search jobs and apply today.  

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