Kick Off Your Career at J.B. Hunt

We’re highlighting the many entry-level career possibilities at J.B. Hunt.

J.B. Hunt is a great place to begin your career, even if you didn’t major in supply chain, or don’t have a background in transportation. With impactful entry-level roles open on many of our teams, as well as competitive training and rotational programs, J.B. Hunt provides unique and exciting opportunities that you might not find anywhere else.

“You’re never going to know if you don’t like something if you don’t try it. And for me, that’s what J.B. Hunt was,” said Syndey, a national account executive. “I was not looking to get into a transportation or a supply chain career, but here I am today, and I absolutely love what I do. I’m not leaving anytime soon.”

Here are a few of the many entry-level opportunities available, and why you should consider starting a career with J.B. Hunt.

Entry-Level Careers That Make an Impact

At J.B. Hunt, employees in our entry-level careers hold a lot of responsibility and ownership over their workload, right from the start. We have so many engaging entry-level positions available in sales, customer experience, corporate services and more, both at our corporate campus and at field offices across the nation.

“While we may view some positions as entry-level, the impact that those individuals have, and their responsibilities, are large,” said Operations Manager, Gregory. “You may be thinking, ‘oh, this is an entry-level job. I’m not probably going to have any impact, or be critical to J.B. Hunt,’ but without a doubt, they are. Those jobs are a lot bigger than their titles maybe make them sound, or maybe what the perception would be.”

J.B. Hunt employees work together in conference room

Engineering and Technology Rotational Program

Our 18-month Engineering & Technology rotational program exposes you to different areas of the company and is designed to hone your skills, build your experience and challenge you to apply engineering methods to a variety of real-world problems. Each rotation is six months long, with opportunities in data science, sales engineering, applications development and more.

During this program, you will receive targeted mentoring, visibility to company leadership and will work with our skilled engineering teams to improve processes and come up with innovative solutions to solve challenges faced in the ever-evolving transportation industry. After completing the program, you will be able to join the team that best fits your strengths, interests and career goals based on hiring need.

“Something I like to tell people, especially if they’re looking at engineering, is that when you think of J.B. Hunt, you think of logistics, a trucking company. But one thing that’s not as obvious is that we have over 1,000 engineers,” shared Miandra, a former participant of the rotational program and current manager in E&T. “If you’re looking for a tech job, there actually are a lot of tech opportunities here and you’re not just on a small engineering team over in the corner, you’re really contributing to something that’s a lot bigger than that.”

Engineering & Technology Rotation participants take a selfie photo with certificates

Operations Manager Trainee Programs

Available at field locations across the nation, our Manager Trainee program is a great way to build a fulfilling career in supply chain. During this three-to-six-month program, you’ll work closely with a mentor on our Operations team and benefit from individualized training, while gaining hands-on experience working with our customers and learning how to move freight in the most efficient way possible. After completing the program, you will have an opportunity to be placed with the team that best fits your passions or interests.

The Intermodal Manager Trainee program, based at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas, is a unique opportunity for those interested in learning more about rail operations, or to expand their supply chain knowledge. Like the Manager Trainee program in the field, this immersive program exposes you to internal teams and provides a deep understanding of our Intermodal operations, with the opportunity to join one of our dynamic Intermodal teams at the end of the program.

“My favorite part of the [Intermodal Manager Trainee] program was definitely meeting everyone at every rotation, so after the program ended, you already had all of those connections that you could reach out if you ever had a question, if you needed some help, and even just to have friends as you progress in your J.B. Hunt career,” said Paulina, an operations manager in Haslet, Texas.

Operations employee poses in front of trucks

Take Your Career Places at J.B. Hunt

We value our people and succeed on our promote-from-within culture. Through management support and clear paths to advancement, we strive to help each employee meet their full potential and make it easy to visualize a clear path to accomplishing your career goals.

“When I started last year, I did not know anything about transportation, and here I am a year later still learning things,” shared Allyson, a business development representative. “I’m still seeing areas of improvement [in myself] and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

If you’re looking for a company where you can make an impact early on and grow your career, we’d love to meet you! Search jobs to apply for the position that best fits your interests.

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