LEAD: Latinos Engaging, Advancing, and Developing

Learn more about how we celebrate Latino and Hispanic culture at J.B. Hunt

We believe an inclusive culture fuels our success at J.B. Hunt, and our employee resource groups (ERGs) are a big part of how we ensure that all employees feel represented and valued. Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off on September 15, and to celebrate, we’re highlighting one of our many company ERGs – Latinos Engaging, Advancing, and Developing (LEAD)!  

LEAD strives to cultivate relationships among J.B. Hunt employees and the community by promoting the inclusion of Latino culture in our company. Learn more about LEAD, their mission and pillars, and a few of the ways we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at J.B. Hunt!  

LEAD and Their Mission 

LEAD embraces and celebrates the Latino and Hispanic culture at J.B. Hunt by promoting cultural awareness and inclusion within our company and our community. LEAD is open to all J.B. Hunt employees regardless of background and encourages both corporate and field employees to get active.  

LEAD strives to make a difference through their pillars of connect and collaborate, community engagement, and recruitment and retention of an inclusive workforce.   

“To me, LEAD represents a platform to bridge the gap between all employees,” said Emmanuel, an operations manager and LEAD member in Fontana, Calif. “LEAD is not exclusive to Hispanics only, rather it creates a unique opportunity for [all] J.B. Hunt employees to share their personal stories with each other and to grow and develop their skills.” 

Connect & Collaborate  

LEAD offers Lunch & Learn events, professional development resources and networking opportunities that are designed to promote the personal and professional development of its members, while advancing the inclusion of Latino culture. LEAD also shares member spotlights routinely that provide the chance for members to share their stories, get to know other employees and leaders across the company and build community at work.  

“Being involved in LEAD has allowed me to expand my reach outside of just my day-to-day responsibilities and venture into learning new skills and meeting outstanding people,” said LEAD member and Manager Trainee, Alexis.  

J.B. Hunt employee attends LEAD virtual event sitting at her desk, while looking at her computer screen.

Community Engagement 

LEAD’s focus on driving the inclusion of Latino culture reaches beyond J.B. Hunt. LEAD participates in community events throughout the year and encourages members to volunteer and engage with their community through social and educational events outside of work.  

“Not only does LEAD provide opportunities to give back to our community, but [it] provides resources such as mentorship opportunities with other professionals in the community from diverse backgrounds and experiences,” shared Customer Experience Manager and LEAD member, Justine. 

LEAD members at community event grouped together smiling.

Recruit & Retain  

Through this pillar, LEAD provides resources that drive growth and engagement of inclusive talent and helps members feel supported in their careers at J.B. Hunt. LEAD also leans on this pillar to recruit new members through their educational events and employee outreach efforts.  

“As a Mexican, I love to celebrate my heritage and love having the opportunity to be a beacon that will help our next Hispanic and Latino generations accelerate their development,” said Ary, a sales development executive and LEAD member. 

LEAD members at community professional development event standing, shoulder to shoulder, smiling.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month  

J.B. Hunt employees can benefit from over 10 events and activities celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the coming weeks! In addition to the three company and community events listed below, LEAD will host an interview series that will take place throughout the month featuring talks with J.B. Hunt leaders and employees, prominent Latinos within the business community and those serving in public office. Keep an eye out on the People site for more information!

If you are a current J.B. Hunt employee, join LEAD in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! 

  • Monday, September 13: LEAD kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with an event celebrating the Independence Day of five central American countries, Mexico and Chile. During the event, members of the LEAD board will share a brief story about each country’s independence.  
  • Sunday, September 26: Join LEAD at the Hispanic Heritage Festival at the Fayetteville, Ark. Square. LEAD will have a booth and represent J.B. Hunt at the community celebration.
  • Friday, October 15: LEAD is hosting a Trivia Night! During this event, J.B. Hunt employees will test their knowledge of Hispanic Heritage Month facts and connect with their fellow employees.  

Want to know more about LEAD? Check out our recent Sit and Sip with LEAD member, Ary! 


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