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Learn more about the exciting career opportunities working with third party logistics at J.B. Hunt!

Since our founding in 1961, J.B. Hunt has focused on finding new, innovative ways to serve our customers as best we can. Our Brokerage teams, referred to also as our Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS) business unit, are part of our dynamic Operations services and connect outside carriers with our customers to provide more ways to meet their transportation needs. By utilizing third party logistics, we better serve our customers in a more efficient, non-asset-based and cost-effective way.

Brokerage careers are just as beneficial to our employees, as their services are to our customers. Learn more about what it’s like working with third party logistics at J.B. Hunt, and a few of the exciting career opportunities available within ICS.

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Benefits of J.B. Hunt Brokerage

J.B. Hunt’s exciting Brokerage opportunities are open at our corporate campus and at field locations across the nation. These teams are built on a foundation of accountability, commitment and teamwork, where employees gain valuable experience working with our cutting-edge, proprietary technology, like our J.B. Hunt 360°® platform.

Exciting Work Environment

Working in third party logistics is anything but boring. With a spirited, high-energy team environment, the workplace feel of our offices is unlike any other. We encourage teamwork and collaboration, and celebrate the victories of our employees, big or small.

“I think we have a very family-oriented culture in a way. Our team is like one big family and I think that’s very standard across the whole organization, regardless of what your job is,” shared Capacity Procurement Representative Myles. “Everyone gets treated fairly, equally, and with respect and dignity. I’ve yet to have a day that I haven’t thought that. I’ve always felt very respected, that my opinion matters, that my happiness matters, and that I have a good work-life balance.”

Uncapped Incentive Potential

In addition to a competitive base salary, J.B. Hunt offers incentive-based opportunities, placing you behind the wheel of your earning potential. If you are willing to put in the work, there are no limits to what this incentive could help you achieve.

“The sky is kind of the limit here,” said Danielle, a strategic carrier manager. “When I started here, I knew nothing about transportation. Whatever background you have, you can start in an entry-level job and build a career here. I see myself growing here, and this will probably be the last place I work for quite a while.”

Career Acceleration

J.B. Hunt takes great pride in promoting from within. With internship, entry-level and full-time career opportunities available, we provide visibility into career advancement paths, as well as professional and personal development resources to help you reach your full potential.

“I feel like I’ve really grown and expanded based on my performance,” shared Megan, a capacity procurement representative at corporate. “I’ve succeeded based off work ethic alone and I think that’s really something that J.B. Hunt stands out on.”

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Brokerage Careers at J.B. Hunt

Brokerage professionals work closely with internal and external teams, such as Pricing and Customer Experience, to provide exceptional service and consultation. If you are a go-getter that welcomes a challenge, a career in third party logistics could take you places.

Capacity Procurement Representatives

Our Capacity Procurement Representatives negotiate rates with carriers to meet load expectations and arrange the most efficient transportation solutions for our customers. These professionals also work with internal teams and our Carrier 360® platform to help resolve any load issues and encourage third party carriers to deliver service in a timely and efficient manner.

Strategic Carrier Representatives

Strategic Carrier Representatives and Strategic Carrier Managers are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with outside carriers. Strategic Carrier Services engages third-party carriers to establish and maintain relationships that benefit the carriers, J.B. Hunt and our customers. These professionals are responsible for routing guide automation on loads for customers and carriers, creating an efficient network and being strategic in identifying new or existing sales opportunities.

Management Opportunities

Brokerage Managers support the growth of business and the success of employees within our offices. Managers focus on the overall strategy, goals and objectives of a branch, and set their sights on how to grow business and increase profitability. Managers are also responsible for mentoring employees within the branch, overseeing their day-to-day performance and supporting them in their career development and growth.


Ready to make an impact with Operations supporting our third party logistics teams? Search jobs and apply to the position that best fits your interests today!

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