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Here are the supply chain jobs that are helping us work toward our vision of creating the most efficient transportation network in North America.

At J.B. Hunt, our vision is to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. This goal drives every business decision and move we make as an organization.    

Without the hard work of more than 37,000 J.B. Hunt employees, we could not make this vision a reality. Our drivers and employees are essential to our company’s success. Off the road, here are the transportation and logistics jobs we have available at J.B. Hunt that, along with our drivers, play a vital part in creating the most efficient transportation network in North America. 

J.B. Hunt Maintenance technician services a truck.

Keeping Our Trucks on the Road 

Our diesel technicians keep our business moving forward. At shops across the country, our Equipment Maintenance teams bring the mechanical and technical skills that keep our trucks on the road and moving freight across America. Our technicians work with the latest tools and technologies that allow them to advance in their careers, keep up with the latest industry standards and service our modern fleet of equipment so that we can continue to make things move.  

“I always say, J.B. Hunt is a good company to work for where you can have longevity,” said Rico, a parts supervisor in Memphis, Tenn. “We have plenty of equipment to work on, and as I grow, the company is growing and growing.” 

J.B. Hunt sales executive talks on the phone.

Creating Value for Customers  

We believe in doing right by our people, and that commitment extends to our customers. Our customer experience and sales employees work hard to grow our business and make sure we’re creating value for customers. These teams are service-driven, putting a heavy focus on relationship building and working hard to meet the changing transportation needs of our customers. We believe that putting people first is key to J.B. Hunt’s success, and our customer experience and sales teams live this out every day. 

“I have always been a people person, and I love to build new relationships,” said Kelly, a customer experience manager. “If a problem arises, I love to find the best solution in a timely manner. I love getting to work with both internal and external customers.” 

Jan talking with J.B. Hunt driver

Making Freight Move  

Our Operations teams help us get freight where it needs to go. Leveraging both company and third-party assets, operations professionals manage systems, personnel and processes that allow us to offer innovative transportation solutions for customers nationwide. Our Operations teams work with internal J.B. Hunt teams and outside carriers to ensure we’re moving freight in the most dynamic and efficient ways possible. 

“In this role, because you’re communicating with a lot of different people here at J.B. Hunt, you get exposed to a lot of different things and you start learning what other people do,” said Brian, a transportation manager. “You get a lot of exposure to different parts of the business. Every day I learn something new, so that exposure is great.”  

J.B. Hunt Engineering & Technology employees participate in Hackathon event

Innovating the Future of Freight 

J.B. Hunt is a company focused on breaking the mold, and it’s our expert Engineering and Technology teams that fuel that spirit of innovation. Cutting-edge technology, like our J.B. Hunt 360˚® platform, has earned us national recognition for the way we’re reinventing transportation. The applications and technology we develop are changing the way freight moves, and will continue to evolve the industry for years to come.  

“I believe J.B. Hunt is going to re-define what’s possible in the world of logistics in the next few years,” said Lauren, a logistics engineer. “If you’re looking for a place where you can have a big impact and be surrounded by awesome people, this is the place to be!” 

Supporting Our Company and Our People  

From our People team to marketing, many groups make up our Corporate Services team. Corporate Services includes departments like risk management and safety who protect our people, the People team and Corporate Driver Personnel (CDP) who recruit and retain top talent in the office and on the road, marketing professionals who tell the story of J.B. Hunt and so many more that each play a big part in continuing to build J.B. Hunt into a best place to work.  

“If you’re considering coming to J.B. Hunt, you should because you can be your full authentic self,” said Erica, an onboarding training specialist. “Honestly, everyone is a family here, and I know people try to sell that all the time, but I’m telling you, come here, come be part of the J.B. Hunt family. We want you.” 

Join Our Team  

Looking for a supply chain job where you can be part of creating the most efficient transportation network in North America? Search jobs to find the career that best fits your experience and apply today.  

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