Sharing Their Stories – Meet April

This Sales Executive shares how J.B. Hunt has benefited her career.

With generous commission programs and ample opportunities for career growth, J.B. Hunt is a great place to build your career in sales. Our Sales department grows our business and keep us on track to meet our company’s long-term goals.  

We sat down with April, a sales executive located in Nashville, to learn more about her 13 years of experience with J.B. Hunt and why she loves her career in sales.  

How has J.B. Hunt helped you grow as a professional?  

“I went from just working a job for a paycheck when I started to examining where my passions lie and finding a career path that aligned with those. The opportunities available within the organization are vast and diverse. My leadership here has really encouraged me over the years to step into roles I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.” 

What resources were you given to learn your role and continue to grow within your role?   

“There has been an evolution in sales training since I’ve joined the team, and it’s constantly evolving. It’s great being in a role where the company is constantly invested in improving our success. We have so many tools at our disposal versus when I first started. Besides our tools and training platforms, we have a great tenured sales team with a lot of knowledge and experience to learn from. My favorite education comes from my colleagues and sales VPs.” 

Why would you tell others to join the J.B. Hunt family?  

“Because that is what it is – family. It’s rare to work for a Fortune 500 company and feel like you’re more than just someone in the headcount. Our leadership really cares about our people, and each employee has opportunity to share feedback. Additionally, it’s a really exciting time to be in transportation, and if you’re going to work in the industry, why not work at the most unique and innovative logistics provider?” 

How would you describe the J.B. Hunt culture?  

“I believe our culture is very people focused, whether you’re talking about our customers, employees, drivers, and even the general public. Everything we do for safety, sustainability, technology, innovation, service, etc. is striving to improve how supply chains move which benefits us all. Transportation by nature is a stressful industry, and we approach it with empathy and innovation inside our walls.” 

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve been taught in your role?  

“Be confident, resilient, and don’t be afraid to fail. It’s a bit cliché but so true for me.” 

J.B. Hunt Sales Executive April smiles with her hands crossed.


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