Sharing Their Stories – Meet Diesel Technicians, John and Harold

These tenured diesel technicians share more about their J.B. Hunt equipment maintenance careers.

If you’re interested in building a career as a diesel technician, our J.B. Hunt equipment maintenance teams could be the place for you. At J.B. Hunt, our technicians work with top-of-the-line tools and technologies that keep our trucks on the road and can benefit your career as well.

John and Harold are tenured diesel technicians on our equipment maintenance teams. Keep reading to learn more about their J.B. Hunt careers and what has made them each stay with the company for so many years.

Meet John

John, a diesel technician at our Lowell, Ark. terminal, has been with J.B. Hunt for 34 years. John has held many different roles with the company throughout his career. He started out in the wash bay, from there gaining experience with our trailer and tractor shops, the tire bay and eventually the service truck, where he works today as a senior mobile technician.

In his role, John is responsible for understanding and making repairs to both the tractor and trailer components of our equipment, helping our drivers get back on the road when they experience a breakdown and can’t make it to the shop for servicing. His favorite part of working on the service truck is having the freedom to run his own schedule.   

“I like being out there by myself,” explained John. “I just see what needs to be done and have the freedom to get after it.” 

John values that J.B. Hunt has helped him become an expert in both tractor and trailer mechanics. He’s been able to gain a deep understanding of fleet maintenance over the years, and he credits that to the training and support he’s received at J.B. Hunt during his career.

“There’s a lot of on-the-job training. If I have questions, I can either call one of my foremen, and they can tell me whatever I need to know, or what I need to do. The on-the-job training helps everybody,” shared John.

Meet Harold

Harold is a senior trailer technician based in Louisville, Ky. Harold started his career with J.B. Hunt as a tech specialist over 18 years ago. He experienced exciting career growth in that time, and he now focuses on servicing trailing equipment.

“Mainly, I do the vehicle and equipment inspection first thing in the morning for the shop, then it’s repairing trailers all day,” shared Harold. “Change tires, lights, repair wiring, inspections, pretty much rebuild them almost from the ground up. I’ve rebuilt suspension systems and sidewalls, you name it. Pretty much nothing on the trailer that I can’t fix.”

Harold enjoys every part of fixing and working with our trailing equipment, but his favorite part of his career has been the people he’s worked with at J.B. Hunt. He loves the culture at our shops and values the relationships he’s made over the years.

“All of those guys on the floor are kind of like brothers,” said Harold. “We all have fun, but we all still get our job done at the same time.”

Harold took advantage of the professional development opportunities through J.B. Hunt to further his career. “There’s all kinds of online training that they offer,” said Harold. “I’m a certified welder through J.B. Hunt, and [I] got me my certification. If I have any questions, or I ask and they don’t have the answer, they will get an answer for you.”

Join our Equipment Maintenance Teams!

“If you want to work for a good, solid company and get experience, [J.B. Hunt is] a good place to go,” said John. Both Harold and John expressed deep appreciation for the training, skills and opportunities that J.B. Hunt has provided them throughout their careers. If you’re a technician looking for a diesel mechanic job, we believe J.B. Hunt is the place for you! Check out our careers website and apply today.

There are so many opportunities available with our equipment maintenance teams, as a tractor, trailer or mobile technician. Search jobs to find the opportunity nearest you and apply today!

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