Sharing Their Stories – Meet Osas

Engineering and Technology professional by day, boxer by night.

Osas, a UX/UI designer, is always looking for a challenge and the chance to problem-solve. These are just a few of the reasons he enjoys being part of the Engineering and Technology team at J.B. Hunt.  

“I guess one reason I want to work for J.B. Hunt is, I guess it provides me the opportunity to do things I love, which is basically problem-solving, being creative, and helping other people,” said Osas.  

In addition to his role with Engineering and Technology, Osas is an active member of J.B. Hunt’s African American Employee Resource Group (AAmERG). He values the community that J.B. Hunt cultivates through our employee resource groups (ERGs) and the opportunity they provide for the personal and professional growth of employees.   

“Community is important to me because, to be honest, that’s what makes things, I guess move,” Osas explained. “It’s just, you want to be in a comfortable community … and that’s when your true self comes out.” 

Osas first joined AAmERG a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic closed offices and transitioned several J.B. Hunt employees to working from home. He immediately jumped in to help AAmERG with communication by checking in on members regularly to make sure they were doing well during the difficult time. 

To Osas, the sense of community AAmERG creates impacts our company’s mission of innovation. He believes that the inclusive culture at J.B. Hunt really fosters growth and gives every employee the confidence to bring new ideas to the table.  

“I mean, I don’t think you’re truly innovative if you’re not getting everyone’s perspective.” 

In his personal time, Osas is an avid boxer. Boxing brings his passion for problem-solving into his personal life, providing a physical challenge as well as another opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds.  

“I’m passionate about just the problem-solving aspects,” Osas explains of his interest in boxing. “It’s just, you have, I know I might be oversimplifying it, but you have basically your left and your right hand and it’s just, you’re using those two skills or tools to problem-solve and try to get an advantage over your opponent, which has the same set of skills or same tools.” 

You can learn more about Osas and how his love for boxing fuels his well-being at work in the video below. 


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