Sharing Their Stories – Meet Transportation Manager, Brian

We sat down with Brian to learn more about his career as a transportation manager at J.B. Hunt.

At J.B. Hunt, the hard-working employees on our Operations team help drive our company forward. Transportation managers play a large role in our company’s success by supporting drivers, helping them navigate their day-to-day responsibilities and achieving their long-term goals.

We sat down with Brian, a transportation manager at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas, to learn more about his career at J.B. Hunt, and what he enjoys most about his role. Here’s what he had to say!

Can you tell us about your career with J.B. Hunt so far?

“I’ve been here for about seven months now in my transportation manager role. My previous experience was a similar role, but in the railroad industry.

“I think the biggest reason why I wanted to join J.B. Hunt was the safety culture, and I wanted to find something still in the transportation industry. When I was doing research, I think J.B. Hunt’s safety culture was what convinced me to join. I think that’s one of the most important things, not only for our drivers but for people.”

What are some of the main responsibilities of your role as a transportation manager? What does your day-to-day typically look like?

“There’s so much that goes into a transportation [manager] role. Essentially, I’m here to help drivers succeed in whatever they’re trying to do. It could be something small, like day-to-day trying to find them a load and find them an empty trailer. Or, it could be long-term helping them reach their ultimate goal of reaching the Million Mile mark through coaching, counseling, support and just being there for them.

“My role also requires a lot of networking. In this role, because you’re communicating with drivers and a lot of different people here at J.B. Hunt, you get exposed to a lot of different things and you start learning what other people do. So as a transportation manager, you get a lot of exposure to different parts of the business. Every day I learn something new, so that exposure is great.”

What do you enjoy most about your career as a transportation manager?

“Building those relationships. Going back to Million Mile, I’ve seen drivers once they reach [that milestone], and they come to their celebration, they are so happy to celebrate with their family because it’s quite the accomplishment. It’s great getting to see the drivers face-to-face, meet their families, and see how much J.B. Hunt means to them. I think that’s been the best thing I’ve encountered as a transportation manager.

“I think just being able to build our relationship, getting to know not only them but their extended family, it’s still the J.B. Hunt family. I think that’s been the best part of this job.”

In your experience, do you feel like there are career advancement opportunities?

“In these 7-8 months, I’ve seen that J.B. Hunt really cares about developing their people. Because I came from a transportation background, I was able to pick this up pretty quick and because of that, management has been able to give me more challenges.

“I think that’s another big thing about J.B. Hunt that I really appreciate. Not only are they teaching you how to do your role to the best of your ability, but they’re always challenging you and helping you develop and essentially reach goals that you have set for yourself by giving you exposure, or helping you build connections in other departments that you may be interested in.”

What would you tell somebody interested in starting a career as a transportation manager?

You’re going to be challenged, but at the end of the day, it’s going to make you better at what you do and develop a lot of skills that maybe you haven’t developed previously. It’ll push you. It’ll challenge you, but your problem-solving skills will develop.

“It’ll help you think quickly on your feet and make decisions, and your people skills will improve. You are always communicating with your drivers, communicating with people here at J.B. Hunt, and because of that, you’ll be able to develop those communication skills as well.”


Interested in joining our Operations team as a transportation manager? If Brian’s experience sounds like something you’re looking for in your next role, search for jobs and apply today!

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