Success Through Sustainability

Learn more about J.B. Hunt’s commitment to our environment.

At J.B. Hunt, we realize that each decision we make has an impact on our people, our environment and our future. J.B. Hunt is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and making business decisions that meet our own needs without compromising future generations being able to meet theirs.  

“J.B. Hunt is dedicated to creating a sustainable supply chain by advocating for a mode-agnostic approach to transportation, innovating fleet operations, exploring alternative vehicle and fuel solutions, leading conversations within the industry, and using data-driven insights to gain efficiency,” said Chief Sustainability Officer and EVP, Craig Harper. “We continue to improve efficiency and eliminate waste in the supply chain with the constant expansion of our J.B. Hunt 360 platform.”

In honor of Earth Day, learn more about J.B. Hunt’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the steps we are taking as an organization.  

From the Road to the Rail  

We are leading the industry in converting over-the-road (OTR) shipments to intermodal, which is a 250% more fuel-efficient transportation solution. By consolidating shipments and using railroad transportation where possible, J.B. Hunt can deliver our effective transportation solutions to our customers in a more fuel-efficient way.  

J.B. Hunt Intermodal container.

Energy-Efficient Equipment  

When it comes to our equipment, J.B. Hunt’s trucks are second to none. We maintain a fleet of trucks which are on-average just over 2 years old. Investing in modern equipment ensures that we utilize the latest in emission-reducing technologies. Plus, we equip each new, company-owned vehicle with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to help reduce pollutants and enhance fuel efficiency.  

J.B. Hunt all-electric, medium-duty box truck.

Leveraging Our Technology and Processes 

Our Engineering and Technology teams have developed proprietary technology, like our J.B. Hunt 360 platform, to identify ways we can optimize every shipment and best serve our customers in a way that saves them money and reduces resource consumption. 

J.B. Hunt’s 360box technology eliminates long wait times that can create unnecessary idling time while trucks are waiting to load and unload. Drivers also use in-cab Samsung tablets that reduce the use of paper while keeping them connected.   

J.B. Hunt employees present at Tech Expo event.

Exploring Alternative Energy  

By 2035, we hope to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by converting at least 25% of our day cab and straight truck fleet to an alternative power fuel source. Currently, we operate a fleet of natural gas-powered trucks, and we are testing electric trucks and exploring alternative fuel-powered trucks.  

So far, J.B. Hunt has added five all-electric, medium-duty box trucks with zero tailpipe emissions to our fleet, and we are currently a launch customer of the all-electric Tesla Semi. We plan to continue using renewable resources wherever we can, including the use of solar power at certain facilities. 

Natural gas logo on J.B. Hunt truck.

Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle Choices 

At corporate and field locations, we encourage employees to recycle at designated bins around the office. We also have water fountains and stations around our facilities where employees can refill their water bottles to help reduce the amount of plastic used on-site.  

“To me, it’s awesome to work for a company who invests so much in sustainability efforts,” said Joe, a client manager for corporate. “Not only are we making a big impact with our supply chain solutions, but we’re doing so while being conscious of how we’re affecting our environment.” 


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