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Learn how J.B. Hunt supports employees in their military and professional careers.

At J.B. Hunt, we recognize the sacrifices military members and their families make and value their commitment to our country. As a military-friendly employer, we offer complete military deployment and reentry guides, and make-whole and differential pay, to help active-duty employees navigate military commitments and be successful in their civilian careers.

Meet Jorge, Joseph and Nicholas! These J.B. Hunt employees, all based in Lowell, Ark., serve in the Arkansas Army National Guard and recently returned from a deployment in Europe. Hear about how J.B. Hunt supports them in their military responsibilities and their civilian careers with our Maintenance team.

Welcome Home, Jorge!

Jorge in military uniform during recent deployment.

Jorge has been with J.B. Hunt for nearly five years and a member of the Arkansas Army National Guard for the past seven years. Currently, he works at J.B. Hunt as a road maintenance coordinator. Jorge joined the military because he wanted to serve his country, wear the uniform and be part of something positive.

This recent deployment was the second deployment Jorge has served during his career at J.B. Hunt. As deployments and training weekends have come up, his manager has always helped him work his J.B. Hunt schedule around his military commitments. He appreciates how easy J.B. Hunt makes the process for submitting leave when he gets military orders.

“My manager used to do the process for me,” shared Jorge. “This [recent] deployment is the first time I used Unum. Pretty much all you have to do is log into the website, submit your leave, upload your orders and from there they take care of everything else for you. They contact you to ensure that your return dates are accurate, or if anything has changed, and they go ahead and load it into the system for you.”

Jorge admires J.B. Hunt’s commitment to supporting the military. He is thankful for how accommodating his managers are when he’s called to duty, and really appreciates the support he received from his team ahead of his recent deployment.

“It’s awesome working for a military-friendly employer,” said Jorge. “It’s just a stable state of mind where you know job security is there. Even my director would say, ‘Good luck, go do what you have to do and just know that when you get back your chair will still be here for you.’ It’s very heartwarming and helped me feel comfortable to leave and do my duties, knowing when I got back that J.B. Hunt was still there for me.”

Thank you, Jorge, for your service to our country, and to J.B. Hunt. Welcome home!

Welcome Home, Joseph!

Joseph working on J.B. Hunt equipment.

Joseph is a tractor technician and has worked at J.B. Hunt for nearly three years. Growing up, Joseph always wanted to be in the military. He joined the Arkansas Army National Guard out of high school and has been enlisted for almost four years.

Joseph’s military career is originally what led him to J.B. Hunt. In the army, he serves as a diesel mechanic and wanted to bring the skills he learned in the military to a full-time career. He was referred to J.B. Hunt by a friend, and has enjoyed the benefits of a maintenance career ever since! He likes that J.B. Hunt makes it easy to transition between his military and J.B. Hunt career, especially when he returned from his recent deployment.

“Coming home was a lot easier than I expected,” said Joseph. “I’ve heard stories of people coming home and having issues at work, but not J.B. Hunt. I came back home, let my boss know what day I was going to be back, and I showed up to work and hit the ground running pretty easily.”

As Joseph has balanced his J.B. Hunt and military career, he has always felt supported by his team. He feels that J.B. Hunt is one big family, and the well wishes and concern for his safety from his team as he prepared for deployment meant a lot to him.

“I would consider J.B. Hunt a very military-friendly employer,” shared Joseph. “I never have an issue if it comes to drill weekends or our annual training, or recently, my deployment that I was called up to. There was no issue, and they were very supportive. They were very adamant about helping make sure I had everything in order so I could be gone.”

Joseph, we appreciate your dedication to our country and to J.B. Hunt. Welcome home!

Welcome Home, Nicholas!

Nicholas (right) and two other J.B. Hunt military employees with arms on shoulders, in uniform, in front of J.B. Hunt truck.

Nicholas joined the Arkansas Army National Guard in 2016 as a mechanic. He decided to join the military to get a jumpstart on his career. His grandfather was in the Navy for almost 40 years, and he views serving in the military as a family tradition that he is honored to continue.

Nicholas works for J.B. Hunt as a trailer technician, where he brings the skills he first learned through the military to his everyday role. He’s been with J.B. Hunt for about two years and enjoys working for a company that understands balancing a military and full-time career can sometimes be tough.

“J.B. Hunt has been really good about supporting me, especially with the oddball times of when I have to go on drill weekends and stuff like that,” shared Nicholas. “I can just go to the shop manager without an issue and tell him when my upcoming dates are, and he accommodates my schedule to fit my obligations in where I don’t lose my paycheck or have to utilize my PTO.”

Nicholas values that J.B. Hunt recognizes the sacrifices made by those who serve in the military. He loves being part of a company that understands military orders can come up at a moment’s notice and feels comfortable working with his managers when military responsibilities arise.

“It’s great to work for a military-friendly employer because you don’t have to worry about any kind of judgment, and they understand that sometimes being called up can come up where we get basically zero notice,” said Nicholas. “When that happens, they’re willing to work with us and they understand the situation, so it makes it a lot easier to not have to worry about making a problem for your boss when that comes up.”

Welcome home, Nicholas! Thank you for your service.

Check out this video from when Jorge, Joseph, Nicholas, and other members of the 142nd National Guard returned home from deployment.


If you are a veteran, active-duty military or simply looking to work for a military-friendly company, search our open positions and join our team today!

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