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Here's how J.B. Hunt is changing transportation through technology.

At J.B. Hunt, our people, technology and capacity drive our success. As one of our core foundations, technology plays an important part in how we’ve changed the way freight moves and how we will continue to innovate and evolve the supply chain industry in the future.

Our cutting-edge technology empowers our people, our industry and our future. Read more about our commitment to technology and how our passion for innovation makes J.B. Hunt a great place to build your career.

“We’re a company investing in technology, so you’re going to get to work on cutting-edge things,” said Gaven, senior vice president of engineering and technology. “In terms of technology, we’re always trying to innovate. We’re always trying to be ahead of our competitors, and that’s considered a differentiator for J.B. Hunt in the industry.”

Reinventing Transportation

We made a big impact on the supply chain industry when we launched our J.B. Hunt 360°® platform. The J.B. Hunt 360° platform is a digital freight matching solution that connects shippers and carriers through an online marketplace. Through the power of J.B. Hunt 360°, J.B. Hunt provides access to capacity and freight in a way that hasn’t been done before, reducing costs and creating value for customers.

Built by our expert engineering and technology teams, the J.B. Hunt 360° platform empowers our sales professionals to take a data-first approach to sales, provides customer experience teams visibility to connect with customers and helps operations groups move freight forward. As part of our team, you get work with technology that’s leading the industry and changing how freight moves.

Improving Safety and Efficiency

J.B. Hunt is a company founded by a driver for drivers. Drivers are at the center of all we do, and with them in mind, we created the J.B. Hunt DRIVE app. The DRIVE app gives drivers access to features that help them do their jobs safely and efficiently, all in one application.

We utilize other safety technology, like forward collision warning systems and cameras in our company cabs, with one goal in mind: to keep our people safe. We’re proud of the technology and processes we’ve put in place that continue to improve supply chain efficiency while putting safety first.

Investing in Technology

Since 1961, we’ve been a company rooted in innovation. Mr. Hunt was known for finding unique ways to solve common industry challenges and that spirit continues today through our commitment to technology. Over the last few years, we’ve made a $500 million investment in technology put toward enhancing the capabilities of our current platforms and developing new solutions that will better our company and our industry.

Our investment in technology also includes investment in our people. Within Engineering and Technology, we host hackathons and help you achieve company-funded certifications designed to sharpen your skills and help you play an important role in our company’s future.

Change Transportation with Us

If you’re looking to work for a company focused on innovation, search jobs to find the position where you can make a big impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology does J.B. Hunt use?

The J.B. Hunt 360° platform addresses the fragmentation in the market by directly connecting shippers and carriers through an online marketplace. Through the power of the J.B. Hunt 360° platform, supply and demand are brought together in a scalable, data-driven ecosystem that connects shipments with capacity at the right price and at the right time – providing access to capacity and freight, reducing costs and improving service.

Which technology is most in demand?

We made a big impact on the supply chain industry when we launched our J.B. Hunt 360° platform. J.B. Hunt 360° is a digital freight matching solution that connects shippers and carriers through an online marketplace.

What are the benefits of a career in Engineering and Technology?

J.B. Hunt offers many professional development resources and opportunities to learn new skills that you may not find anywhere else. Within Engineering and Technology, you can take advantage of opportunities like company-paid professional certifications or 13th Week, where we set aside one week each quarter for you to focus your time on continued learning and exploring areas of technology through Skill Up presentations that will better your career.    

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