Thinking About an Internship with J.B. Hunt?

We’re sharing our top 5 reasons why you should consider an internship with us!

When it comes to selecting an internship, we know there can be many different factors to consider. At J.B. Hunt, we offer internship opportunities during the summer and year-round that can provide the tools you need to find success in your full-time career.  

If you are a current college junior or senior, here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider applying for a J.B. Hunt internship!  

1. J.B. Hunt Internships are Paid Opportunities 

The work you contribute as an intern impacts our business, and you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work. All J.B. Hunt internships are paid, with opportunities available in many different fields of study.  

Paid internships with our Marketing, Engineering and Technology, and Sales teams are available at corporate in Northwest Arkansas, while opportunities with our Operations and Brokerage teams are offered at field locations across the country.  

“I started here in college,” said Trevor, a former intern and current director of operations in Northwest Arkansas. “I really just wanted to get something on my resume with a local company. I didn’t really have a passion for transportation or supply chain, but once I started, I really fell in love with the company, fell in love with transportation and I’ve been here ever since.” 

2. J.B. Hunt Internships Provide Hands-On Experience  

As an intern, you become a valuable part of our team and are assigned projects that help drive our company’s success. Interns gain important, real-world experience that shines on your resume and builds the foundation for a successful post-grad career.  

“I was able to learn the full scope of J.B. Hunt’s operations from the team during my internship,” shared former intern and current Transportation Manager, Matthieu. “Now that I’m in a management position, I can utilize the management skills and knowledge I’ve learned to handle any situations that might pop up.” 

3. J.B. Hunt Internships Expose You to Leadership 

J.B. Hunt interns connect with leadership and management on a regular basis through virtual events or meet-and-greets. Interns can ask leadership questions about their career paths or seek advice that they can apply to their own careers.  

“We have a sit down with Stuart [Chief Information Officer at J.B. Hunt], and lots of different live streams from people in leadership,” said Hannah, a current engineering intern. “Before [the live streams], you have the opportunity to submit questions, and Stuart will go through them and talk about what’s going on with the company, and then answer those questions, so it feels very personal. Sometimes he’ll bring different guests with him as well, so really you just get to see what leadership is like.”  

4. J.B. Hunt Internships Build Your Network 

There are many networking opportunities available to J.B. Hunt interns. Whether you participate in the summer or year-round program, interns are encouraged to engage with their fellow interns, employees and even customers through their everyday roles, programmed events or after-hours social activities. 

“There’s a lot of opportunity to build relationships and find common ground with other people that you’re going to be using for the rest of your career,” shared Ariana, a former intern and current Manager Trainee in Pittston, Penn. “I built those relationships and I realized that, you know, this company is all about its drivers and it’s all about its employees.” 

J.B. Hunt employees work together during meeting

5. J.B. Hunt Internships Can Lead to a Full-Time Job 

An internship with J.B. Hunt is not only a great way to gain experience that you can put on your resume, but could also serve as a great starting point for your full-time professional career. After completing their program, many of our interns have the opportunity to join our team through extended internships or full-time positions. 

“I’m new to UX design, and there are a lot of positions out there,” said former intern and current UX Designer, Jess. “It is a fast-growing field, with a lot of demand, but J.B. Hunt offered me a job and I really appreciated that the company could see potential in me and was willing to take that chance based on what I had proven through the internship.” 

Join Our Team as a J.B. Hunt Intern! 

Whether you’re interested in our 10-week summer internship program, or want to explore a year-round opportunity, we’re ready to help you find your fit! Search for J.B. Hunt internships near you and apply today, or check out our events page to connect with us at our upcoming college recruiting events near you! 

Ready to jumpstart your post-grad career with a J.B. Hunt internship? Search and apply for the internship opportunity that best fits your interests.   

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