A Vision Shared 60 Years Later

Our founder, J.B. Hunt, always dreamed big. Here’s how his passion for breaking the mold lives on in our employees today.

Since 1961, J.B. Hunt has always been a company with a storied history of innovation. Our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, combined his industry knowledge as an over the road truck driver and his passion for thinking outside the box to build what he dreamed would one day become the best transportation company in the country.

60 years later, that spirit of innovation still has a great impact on our company and our people. We asked a few of our employees how Mr. Hunt’s vision for his company has inspired them throughout their own careers. Here’s what they had to say!

Headshot of Montez smiling, who shares how J.B. Hunt has inspired his career.


Sales Executive

Overland Park, Kan.

“The word that comes to mind is belief. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt had a conviction that anything is possible. Today as a proud employee of J.B. Hunt, I am encouraged to ‘think big.’ I understand that my aspirations and ideas are welcomed and accepted. If I am willing to stretch my mind and not become complacent, I can do great things!”

Headshot of Hannah smiling, who shares how J.B. Hunt has inspired her career.


Client Manager

Lowell, Ark.

“J.B.’s vision for his company continuously inspires me to be bold in my pursuit. No idea is too small, no beginning is too humble. His legacy reminds us that we are all capable, far beyond our wildest imagination.”

Headshot of Jacob at J.B. Hunt Corporate, who shares how J.B. Hunt has inspired his career.


Logistics Engineer

Lowell, Ark.

“J.B. Hunt has been an inspiring figure who I’ve looked up to while beginning my career here at J.B. Hunt. He left us with many great lessons, one being that pivoting is part of the business. J.B. Hunt himself did this to great effect. From rice hulls to trucking to pioneering with Intermodal, he was able to take what he knew and apply that to the next BIG opportunity. That mentality has stuck with me and I plan to hold true to this as I navigate my career.”

Headshot of Maria smiling,outside at Corporate, who shares how J.B. Hunt has inspired her career.


Manager, Engineering & Technology

Lowell, Ark.

“Historically, J.B. Hunt has always ensured that Mr. Hunt’s vision of remaining rooted in growth and innovation is at the forefront of all we accomplish. In my three years of working for J.B. Hunt, I have taken the charge of innovation to heart by ensuring the products I am responsible for within Engineering & Technology always meet the needs of our drivers and business stakeholders. I’m grateful that I have a place here at J.B. Hunt that allows my authentic self to grow, learn and take ownership of my workload and accomplishments.”

Headshot of Hector, who shares how J.B. Hunt has inspired his career.


Sr. Business Development Representative

Portland, Ore.

“Throughout my career with J.B. Hunt, I have been inspired by J.B.’s vision of always dreaming big. This drives me to keep working towards my dreams, as they too can become a reality. As we have become much more than just a trucking company, his dream that became a reality allows me to see the bigger picture and how hard work and dreaming big can lead to continued growth and solution optimizations.” 

Headshot of Nancy, who shares how J.B. Hunt has inspired her recruiting career.


Driver Recruiting Coordinator

Lowell, Ark.

“Mr. Hunt’s vision has motivated me to look at my career from a leader’s perspective. The culture he has built at J.B. Hunt is full of innovation, inclusion, respect and purpose. This has shown me the importance of looking outside of my own goals and ambitions to be a more selfless individual in all aspects of my day-to-day life. This has also shown me no matter how crazy your ideas are, if you have a leader’s mindset you can accomplish great things. The opportunities in my career at J.B. Hunt [are] endless!”


If you share Mr. Hunt’s passion for growth and innovation, we’d love for you to join our team! Search jobs to find the position that best fits your interests, or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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