Behind the Scroll – Driven by Our Purpose

Dive into our company identity and how it provides a look behind the J.B. Hunt scroll.

At J.B. Hunt, we believe that our company identity is made up of four parts that represent our company as a whole, what we invest in and what we’re working toward. This identity defines who we are and who we need to be for our people and our customers.

While these parts of our brand identity have always been an integral part of the company, let’s take a deeper look into them and see their importance in the work we do every day at J.B. Hunt.

Our Vision: To Create the Most Efficient Transportation Network in North America.

Our Vision

We’ve always been innovative and looked for ways to improve the supply chain. At J.B. Hunt, we strive to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. This statement was elevated from our mission statement to our vision because it looks forward to the future and what we’re aspiring for as a company. We believe that efficiency is what our customers are looking for and if we can move freight faster, reduce costs and build a more sustainable supply chain system for them, then we can create added value for our customers.

Our vision also creates a lasting impact on our people. Our vision creates growth for our company and career opportunities for the people who work at J.B. Hunt. Without our people, we wouldn’t be able to create all of the multimodal shipping solutions that we provide to our customers.

Our Foundations: People you trust. Technology that empowers. Capacity to deliver.

Our Foundations

We believe that our foundations – people, technology, capacity – are what we invest in to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision. These three aspects are what drive us to make J.B. Hunt excellent.

Our people are the ones who get things done. Whether you’re taking part in the initial sales interaction with the customer, performing roadside maintenance or are part of the team who keeps our technology up and running, our people are the ones who create that trust with our customers.

Our technology empowers us and is at the core of what we do. We’re reinventing transportation by creating cutting-edge technology such as our J.B. Hunt 360°® platform and shaping the future of supply chain by using our innovative history as well as our expert Engineering and Technology teams.

From rail to road, we are constantly focused on increasing our capacity to deliver and finding new ways to create value for our customers. As J.B. Hunt grows and evolves, our ideas and approaches to capacity also expand. One of the many ways that we create new and exciting solutions for capacity is through our ELEVATION initiative where our people submit groundbreaking ideas.

Our Mission: Driving Long-Term Value for Our People, Customers and Shareholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward: we want to drive long-term value for our people, customers and shareholders, because we know that the scroll has significant meaning to all three of these entities. This mission helps us focus on what we’re currently working toward as a company and defines our purpose.  

We strive to take care of our people in many ways, such as investing in company benefits and promoting a culture where growth opportunities are plentiful. We’re also dedicated to providing an inclusive company culture where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, safe and heard.

For our customers, we aim to take care of their transportation needs by providing them with multimodal shipping services. With five different business units to choose from, we believe that all of our customers’ needs can and will be met here at J.B. Hunt. We continue to aim to be the company that our customers trust to take care of them.

For our shareholders, we strive to show them the excellence of J.B. Hunt’s people and the services that we provide. Our shareholders invest in us, and we want to deliver compounding returns for them.

Our Values: Integrity. Respect. Innovation. Safety. Excellence.

Our Values

Since 1961, the Hunts have worked to instill these values into nearly every aspect of the business, and it has become a huge part of who we are today.  Our values highlight how each person at J.B. Hunt can rise to the responsibility that they have as an individual – whether they are in maintenance, behind a desk, working in a warehouse or a driver on the road – to uphold the brand promise represented in our scroll.

Integrity, respect, innovation, safety and excellence are all characteristics that unite our people as one and define who we are. We hope that our commitment to these characteristics will set J.B. Hunt apart from others in the industry.

Our vision, foundations, mission and value are what make the J.B. Hunt scroll what it is today. If you’re interested in joining a company with an iconic logo and brand identity, join our Talent Community to stay up to date on J.B. Hunt jobs.