Celebrating Our Million Mile Heroes

We recently honored J.B. Hunt drivers who’ve reached over one million safe miles!

Drivers are at the center of all we do at J.B. Hunt. We are a company founded by a driver for drivers, and without their hard work and dedication, we would not be the company we are today.

At our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas, we recently celebrated our annual Million Mile event honoring an elite group of company drivers who’ve driven over one million miles safely. This year’s celebration spanned over two weeks, since we were not able to host the event last year due to the pandemic.

Keep reading to learn more about Million Mile, and why this event is so impactful and cherished by all J.B. Hunt employees.

What is Million Mile?

Million Mile is an annual celebration where J.B. Hunt honors drivers across all business units who have reached over one million miles without a preventable accident. This is a significant accomplishment for these drivers in their careers since it takes years of dedication to reach one million miles. In fact, this is the first year we are celebrating a driver with five million safe miles!

During Million Mile, we invite these tenured drivers and their families to enjoy a three-day event in Northwest Arkansas, complete with recognition dinners, award ceremonies, and everyone’s favorite part – the Walk of Fame through corporate where they’re cheered on by employees and leadership!

“I just started here at J.B. Hunt, and culture is a huge thing to me,” shared Diana, a logistics engineer at corporate. “So, this was really cool to see, in my first few months, how much the J.B. Hunt family means to each other, especially to our drivers and other office employees, too.”

J.B. Hunt employees cheer Million Mile driver and his wife during the Walk of Fame.

Why We Celebrate Million Mile

Everything we do at J.B. Hunt, on and off the road, would not be possible without our drivers. Our drivers impact every job function at J.B. Hunt. Without drivers, there would be no need for our Driver Personnel teams, our Operations teams could not function, and even the innovative applications and technology developed by our Engineering & Technology employees would not be as effective.

“I think it’s super important to celebrate Million Mile because it shows such a commitment on the driver’s part,” shared Logistics Engineer, Stuart. “I mean, they’ve been doing this for years and to get to these milestones, they should be rewarded for that.”

Driver waves at J.B. Hunt employees during the Million Mile Walk of Fame.

We Love Our Drivers!

Drivers are a huge part of the J.B. Hunt family, and Million Mile provides an opportunity to bring all of us, drivers and office employees, together. Office employees love taking time to celebrate Million Mile and connect with drivers who are on the frontlines of our business and show them appreciation for the work they do every day.  

“Drivers are the backbone,” said Phillip, an accounts receivable representative. “Without them, nothing would happen at J.B. Hunt. They put in the grunt of the day-to-day, making sure that the day-to-day is getting taken care of. We just couldn’t do anything without them.”

Three J.B. Hunt employees pose on staircase at the Million Mile celebration.

Supporting Million Mile Careers

The Million Mile celebration is equally as impactful to the teams who work diligently to provide drivers with a better job, better life. From driver recruiters within our Corporate Services team to Operations professionals at field locations across the country, witnessing drivers reach prestigious milestones like one, two, three, four or even five million safe miles fuels our passion for helping other drivers find successful, long-term careers at J.B. Hunt.  

“Drivers are the main focus of our company, so to reach this milestone is huge,” shared Sarah, a pricing support analyst. “I got pretty emotional at the Walk of Fame! It’s a huge deal. It’s neat that we bring in these drivers and get to celebrate this milestone with them.”

Six J.B. Hunt employees cheer on drivers at the Million Mile Walk of Fame.


If you’re looking to join a company that values and celebrates the accomplishments of all employees, J.B. Hunt is the place for you! Search jobs to find the position that best fits your career goals.

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