Hear From J.B. Hunt Equipment Maintenance Technicians

Our tractor, trailer and mobile technicians share why they believe J.B. Hunt provides them with the best maintenance careers out there.

At J.B. Hunt, our goal is to provide our equipment maintenance technicians with a job that is one of the best in the industry. To accomplish that, we start by listening to our people, which involves everything from employee engagement surveys and account visits from executive leadership to our ELEVATION program and a top-down open-door policy that allows anyone to let their voice be heard.  

Our maintenance team is vital to our success, keeping us moving efficiently and safely. Through their feedback, we have been able to acknowledge the value they bring by creating a job that works for them with competitive benefits and pay, a culture of safety and comradery and career advancement opportunities.  

Don’t take our word for it, hear from the people under the hood and behind the scenes, setting the standard for safety. Our technicians let us know why maintenance jobs at J.B. Hunt are some of the best. 

Equipment Maintenance Benefits and Pay

Male, maintenance technician leans on tire with semi-truck in the background.

“I have a two-year-old son, and I was able to put him on my insurance here, which has been great. I’m not having to struggle to pay the bills anymore. So, that’s been really good that way. And just job security.” 
– Chase, Trailer Technician

Our technicians are people that we trust, so we give them benefits, coverage and steady pay that they can rely on. 

Our full-time employees have access to a variety of benefits for themselves and their families including medical, dental, vision and more after just 30 days of employment. We also offer 401(k) with company match and Roth IRA retirement plans that allow you to save and plan for your future.  

Growth Opportunities and Our Technician Career Advancement Program

“Any opportunity to help promote yourself and the work that you can do to get your name out there and get a better paycheck, why wouldn’t you? It’s free money at this point. They’re paying you an hour a week every week to advance yourself, so why not?” 
– Amber, Tractor Technician

Woman maintenance technician wearing J.B. Hunt uniform stands with arms crossed in front of semi-truck and American flag.

We want all employees, including our equipment maintenance teams, to look at J.B. Hunt as more than just a job but as a career where they can achieve the pay, recognition and responsibilities that they want. We hire people with big goals, so we strive to provide opportunities to achieve those goals.  

One way we invest in our technicians is through our Technician Career Advancement Program. This program seeks to give our mechanics the training and experience necessary to accelerate their careers through modules focused on key areas of equipment maintenance and repairs, earning pay raises as they progress.  

Technicians are given a chance to complete these courses during their workday, getting paid to learn more and set themselves up for future success. The program is open to all J.B. Hunt tractor, trailer and mobile technicians ready to build up their skills and grow in their career. 

The J.B. Hunt Culture

Young, male maintenance technician stands smiling in front of J.B. Hunt semi-truck.

“We treat each other with respect. We help each other out if we have a problem. There’s sometimes where one will be too busy, so we ask another tech to help. We never say “no” to each other, which is a good thing, especially for the new people.”  
– David, Tractor Technician 

From drivers to technicians to sales and operations, when asked what their favorite part of their job is, our J.B. Hunt employees say it is their coworkers. We truly believe that we are bigger, stronger and better together and lifting each other up is at the core of our foundations. 

Our culture was set early on by Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, who invested in their people because they knew without them there was no J.B. Hunt. In our shops today, you will see a culture founded on mutual respect, safety and teamwork. 

Safety is a cornerstone of the J.B. Hunt equipment maintenance teams and in most shops across the country, you will see signs that tout many years without safety incidents. We know that when our people learn from the best, feel safe in their environment and can be themselves, they thrive.  

Another way we create a welcoming culture and team environment is through our technician appreciation events and recognitions. Without our equipment up and running, we couldn’t move freight for customers and couldn’t provide our drivers with the trucks they need to safely do their jobs, so we show that appreciation through events, swag, safety recognitions and more.  

Why J.B. Hunt?

“You should apply for J.B. Hunt because they are very dependable and reliable. They look out for your well-being and definitely don’t want you to fail. J.B. Hunt is an awesome company to work for.” 
– Garcia, Tractor Technician 

Male, maintenance technician wearing J.B. Hunt uniform and hat stands in front of truck in a shop with his arms crossed.
Male, maintenance technician with a beard and glasses on his head stands in front of forward-facing semi-truck with his arms crossed as he smiles.

“You should be a technician at J.B. Hunt because we treat each other like family. And if you’re new to this industry, it’s a great foot in the door because J.B. Hunt deals a lot with technology. When I started, I was green, and I didn’t feel pressured. You go at your own pace, and they give you that opportunity if you want it.” 
– Dylan, Senior Technician

When people ask, “Why J.B. Hunt?” our diesel technicians’ response is, “Why not?” From great benefits and pay to a culture of growth and safety and top-down support, we think you will be able to find your best maintenance career with us.  

Join a team that values you, join the equipment maintenance team at J.B. Hunt. Fill out this short form or call 1-877-674-8546 today. 

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