Our People Make Up the Scroll

You know our yellow J.B. Hunt scroll, but do you know the people behind it?

While our company has evolved significantly from its beginnings in 1961, one thing has remained the same – our scroll logo. The scroll, chosen by Mr. Hunt himself, is a great reminder of all the hard work our people do daily and the innovation that has taken place here in the past 62 years. Not only does this Scroll hold so much meaning to the people here at J.B. Hunt, but it also means something to our customers. The scroll is more than just a physical symbol for our company. It dates back to our roots and is associated with a company that is made up of people you can trust.  

“Our customers come to us because they trust us. They trust our brand. They trust that scroll, that logo.”
Shelley Simpson, J.B. Hunt President

Johnelle Hunt and Shelley Simpson pose with J.B. Hunt employees at company event.

The Roots of J.B. Hunt

From the start, the Hunts have cultivated a people-first culture. Every employee is considered part of the family, and our founders made sure to treat them like it. Mr. Hunt used to start each day by making his rounds around the office, talking to every employee and making sure they knew that they were doing a great job.

To this day, our commitment to our people and making them feel valued is of the utmost importance here at J.B. Hunt. Through our extensive employee benefits and focusing on our inclusion initiatives like our employee resource groups (ERGs), we pride ourselves on taking care of our people both professionally and personally. We want every person that walks through our doors to feel respected, valued, represented and listened to while they are here.

“An inclusive team is a happy team. When people like the place they work and are respected by the people around them, they’ll work harder and feel more connected to the mission.”

Chris Holloway, Vice President of Sales

J.B. Hunt Today

After 62 years of business, J.B. Hunt has evolved from the five trucks and seven trailers that the Hunts bought to operate a small rice hull operation. It is now a company that leads the transportation industry, has made it onto the Fortune 500 list and provides logistic solutions to customers across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Mr. Hunt’s passion for finding new, innovative ways to change the industry still rings true to us today. With people as our first priority and programs like ERGs, ELEVATION and employee recognition, we know our people will continue to be the best representation of our scroll. We believe J.B. Hunt employees come up with the best ideas out there, thinking outside of the box in everything they do and that’s what creates the J.B. Hunt difference.

J.B. Hunt ELEVATION 2.0 ceremony where employees within the company are recognized for their innovative ideas.

“When you have courage and you’re courageous, you can go out and make anything happen. You can go out and create Intermodal and be the first to do it. You could be a traditional trucking company that goes on and creates your own digital platform, to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. That’s courage.”
Brandon Taylor, Senior Vice President of Transportation

Like our scroll, our people and the incredible work they do stand the test of time. If you’re interested in etching your name onto the scroll, join our Talent Community to stay connected on career opportunities.

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