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At J.B. Hunt, we put our focus on people.

At J.B. Hunt, three things drive our company success: people, technology, capacity. Behind everything we do as a company, from developing innovative technology to the dynamic ways we move freight for customers, it’s our people that fuel us forward.

Throughout J.B. Hunt’s history, we have found that putting people first is the key to our success. Here are the ways that we prioritize people through our J.B. Hunt culture and programs, and how this commitment to our people has landed us among America’s Best Large Employers of 2023 by Forbes.

Our History of Putting People First

J.B. Hunt’s founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, believed in doing right by people. When starting the company, Mr. Hunt adopted the company logo that remains recognized around the country – the scroll. To this day, the scroll is a constant reminder of the hard work and innovation that each employee has brought to the company over time.

Mr. Hunt always knew that inviting the best and brightest to etch their name in the scroll, and doing right by each employee, would lead to great success. Over the past 61 years, that commitment to our people has grown J.B. Hunt from a small fleet of trucks into a Fortune 500 company with over 37,000 employees.

“I believe our culture at J.B. Hunt is really derived from our founders, and our focus on the biggest assets we have, our drivers,” said Andrew, a director of sales. “I’ve been in the field most of my entire tenure at J.B. Hunt, and yet I still feel like I’m part of the family and have incredible pride in the [thousands of] drivers we have on the road delivering value for our customers every day.”

J.B. Hunt’s Culture of Inclusion

At J.B. Hunt, we stand by the belief that we are bigger, stronger, better together. Through Inclusion initiatives like our employee resource groups (ERGs), and our ELEVATION idea submission program, we’re fueling an inclusive company culture where every employee can feel represented, respected and valued for the unique perspectives and ideas they bring to J.B. Hunt.

“From the very beginning, I was drawn to the J.B. Hunt people and the culture,” said Brandon, a VP of operations. “From the moment I interviewed with the company, I just felt like I was a part of a team. I think that people went out of their way to be interested in me, to invest in me, to help give me opportunities and a voice beyond sometimes what I even believed that I deserved at that time.”

Creating a Best Place to Work  

What is it like working for J.B. Hunt? It’s being a vital part of an organization that cares about you, personally and professionally. Many of our employees will tell you the best part of their job is the people they work with. From finding lasting friendships with coworkers, to thriving under the support of an engaged leadership team, J.B. Hunt is a place where you can build connections that make coming to work fun and help you accomplish your career goals.

“J.B. Hunt culture to me is family,” said Zoe, an experience team manager. “And so, when you look at people that way, when you build those relationships, there’s a different type of value that’s in your workday. By looking at these people and saying, ‘My family’s helping me today, how can I help them?’ That makes the culture so much more important and something you’re proud to come to, and something you’re passionate to be a part of.”

Investing in Employee Benefits

One of the ways we prioritize our people is through the competitive pay and employee benefits we offer. From medical coverage options to 401(k), with company matching opportunity, and Roth IRA retirement plans, we’re constantly investing in the benefits we offer to better support the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of our people.

The benefits we provide go beyond health and savings. J.B. Hunt employees can take advantage of additional perks like tuition reimbursement and programs like adoption and fertility financial assistance for employees looking to start their families.  

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