Succeeding Through SkillBridge

From military duty to your civilian career, read more about how SkillBridge can help ease the transition.

At J.B. Hunt, we are committed to supporting our military service members. As a company, we value the sacrifice of those who serve, and honor service members through participation in events like Wreaths Across America and our commitment to veteran and military hiring.

One of the ways we prove ourselves to be a military-friendly employer is through our support of the Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge Program*. If you are currently on active duty and thinking about your next steps after the military, keep reading to learn more about our SkillBridge internship opportunities.

What is SkillBridge?

The DoD program offers service members the opportunity to gain civilian work experience through industry training, apprenticeships, or internships while still on active duty. The program is open to military members, and their spouses, who are within 180 days of release from active duty and have some relevant professional experience. SkillBridge allows you to explore career opportunities that interest you while still on duty, giving you a head start on your civilian career after your service ends.  

“I would say the SkillBridge program, at the risk of using the word in the definition, is a bridge between you being active duty and into civilian life without as much of the uncertainty behind it,” shared Jason, a transportation manager and SkillBridge participant in Memphis, TN. “It’s a way for us to remain on active duty, while getting hands-on experience in the civilian sector and kind of easing that transition of separation, which can be extremely daunting.”

Why Intern Through SkillBridge at J.B. Hunt?

At J.B. Hunt, SkillBridge internships provide unique training and professional development opportunities designed to help you thrive in your civilian career. As an intern at J.B. Hunt, you gain industry experience, network across the company, and build a professional skillset that leaves you feeling confident in your next steps after the military.

“The SkillBridge program is, basically for me, it’s a way to be sure of a job after being in the military,” said Kinyetta, a transportation manager and SkillBridge participant in San Antonio, Tex. “SkillBridge actually allows you to not really have to take a break in pay, take a break in work or anything like that. It gives you a flow from one [career] to the next.”

J.B. Hunt SkillBridge Opportunities

J.B. Hunt offers SkillBridge internship opportunities at field locations across the country, as well as at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas. Across all departments, our SkillBridge internships provide hands-on experience and the tools you need to succeed in your career after the military.

From our Manager Trainee program supporting Operations, to opportunities within Engineering and Technology, we want to support your success and help guide you on the career path that takes you where you want to go. If you’re looking to grow your technical skillset, we also offer equipment maintenance opportunities at shops across the country.

Apply to J.B. Hunt’s SkillBridge Program!

If you’re nearing the end of your military service and looking to start your civilian career with a military-friendly employer, reach out to to apply today.

*The Department of Defense and Service Branches do not endorse any company, sponsor, or their products or services.

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