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Discover the many opportunities and benefits of working with J.B. Hunt.

Since 1961, our people have been what sets our company apart from others in the transportation and logistics world. We believe that we hire and retain the best people in the business, so the ideas and opportunities at J.B. Hunt are endless.

Let’s dive into what it’s like to work with J.B. Hunt and become a part of our iconic scroll.

Where We’re Located

J.B. Hunt is headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas which is in the beautiful, always evolving Northwest Arkansas (NWA). Our corporate campus is home to thousands of employees that support all different aspects of our company each and every day.

J.B. Hunt corporate campus that is located in the beautiful Lowell, Arkansas.

If you are not a Northwest Arkansas native, there are so many sights and activities that make this area one of a kind. If you’re interested in a job outside of NWA, J.B. Hunt also has field locations around the United States that offer many fulfilling career opportunities that could be the perfect fit for you.

All Are Welcome at J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt welcomes people of all experience levels, races, ages, ethnicities, genders and all other diverse backgrounds to become a part of our scroll. We believe that every single person at the company brings something new and exciting to the table that can continue to make this company great.

When it comes to work experience, we have full-time entry-level, professional and management opportunities available throughout all departments and locations at J.B. Hunt. Whether you’re a new college graduate or bring years of experience, we believe there’s something for everyone here.

We’re also proud to offer internship opportunities at J.B. Hunt locations throughout the nation. Our internships are more than just making copies or grabbing coffee. They provide current college students with real-world experience and the chance to support projects that impact our business. Plus, internships could lead to full-time employment at J.B. Hunt following graduation!

Inclusion is something that J.B. Hunt puts at the forefront of everything we do. Our employees, as well as our Inclusion Office, work every day to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, safe and heard, which is an integral part of creating a great and enjoyable workplace for all. To support our overall inclusion efforts, we also have six different Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that create a safe space for people to come together and find community. In addition to our ERGs, we also have a company-wide program, ELEVATION, where we encourage all employees to think big and share their very own ideas to make an impact at J.B. Hunt.

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Office Career Opportunities

There are so many exciting and fulfilling career paths at J.B. Hunt, and not only for supply-chain focused professionals. With positions in Engineering and Technology, Corporate Services, Marketing, Legal, Sales and Administration, we believe there’s a career for you at J.B. Hunt.

J.B. Hunt Engineering and Technology team pictured at the corporate campus in Lowell, Arkansas.

Our amazing Engineering and Technology teams are focused on enhancing and improving how we leverage technology to drive the industry and connect our customers with our capacity. J.B. Hunt’s cutting-edge solutions, like our J.B. Hunt 360°® platform, continue to lead the industry and set us apart from other companies.

Our Corporate Services teams consist of Pricing, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Corporate Driver Personnel, Legal and Risk Management groups. These departments work with our internal and external stakeholders to manage key processes and recruitment efforts that keep our business moving. 

Sales and Operations teams work daily to help our dreams of becoming a $20 billion company by 2030 come true. We offer sales professionals generous commission incentives, company-provided equipment, flexible territories and endless opportunities for growth.

Our Customer Experience teams are an integral part of J.B. Hunt because they are the face of the company to many customers. With many rewarding career opportunities in this department, employees have the opportunity to sharpen their customer development skills, learn more about the industry and help achieve company goals.

Benefits and Professional Development

From competitive benefits packages, to defined career paths and growth opportunities, there are many personal and professional benefits to a career with J.B. Hunt.

J.B. Hunt driver pictured at Million Mile celebration with his family.

J.B. Hunt provides employees with desirable salaries and benefits packages that include the option to enroll in medical, vision and dental healthcare plans. All J.B. Hunt employees are also eligible to participate in our company 401(k) retirement savings program after one year of employment, with company-match potential. We recognize that time off is vital to overall wellbeing, and because of that, J.B. Hunt offers paid time off and leave programs to all employees. Also, employees looking to continue their higher education can enroll in tuition reimbursement through the company for approved programs and degrees.

Employee Perks

Northwest Arkansas employees can benefit from on-campus amenities that make life at work beneficial for our people.

If physical fitness is something you’re interested in, we have several options for those looking to get a workout in. Employees can enjoy beautiful bike trails that run throughout the campus and an on-site fitness center with top-notch equipment and group fitness classes. J.B. Hunt also hosts on-campus dry cleaning services, daily meal vendors and everyday perks including our “dress for your day” dress code policy.

Many will tell you that the biggest perk of life at J.B. Hunt, across all locations and job types, is the culture. People always say the best part of their job at J.B. Hunt is the people that they work with. We are committed to providing work and life balance, prioritizing our people and making sure their needs are met personally and professionally.

Mrs. Johnelle Hunt embracing a J.B. Hunt equipment technician at the Technician Appreciation luncheon.

“Be confident that an opportunity is there for you here,” said Gregory, director II of operations. “You know, we’re a fast-growing company and if you are hardworking and capable, good things will happen for you here.”


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