Fueling a Culture of Inclusion

Get to know our six employee resource groups that make a big impact here at J.B. Hunt!

At J.B. Hunt, we thrive on a culture of inclusivity. We value our people and want to regularly celebrate what makes them special while maintaining opportunities to make connections and find commonalities.

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) invite J.B. Hunt employees to share their ideas and foster their interests regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender. ERGs are a great way to get involved and network with others within the company that drive personal and professional development.

The six ERGs here at J.B. Hunt are open for any employees to join. We encourage employees to explore our ERGs and get involved with any and all groups that they are interested in.  

Let’s take a look at the six ERGs we have at J.B. Hunt.

AAmERG – African American Employee Resource Group

AAmERG is a corporate thought leader and strategist within the area of African American employees’ insights, connectivity, and professional development. AAmERG is sponsored by Nick Hobbs, chief operating officer, executive vice president and president of Contract Services.

“For AAmERG, this was an opportunity for us as a company, and as well employees, to provide just a workplace culture that truly valued African American employee diversity and inclusion,” says AAmERG member Tiffany.

CAAPITAL – Cultivating Asian American Pacific Islanders Together as Leaders

CAAPITAL provides a space for our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander employees to connect and share ideas that better J.B. Hunt. CAAPITAL is sponsored by Eric McGee, executive vice president of Highway Services.

“Inclusion is very important because it makes you feel valued and accepted into the organization,” said Kalyani, member of CAAPITAL. “The inclusion helps people do things their own way and be their authentic self within the company.”

GROW – Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women

GROW is dedicated to empowering and engaging employees to support women’s professional and personal success. GROW is sponsored by Darren Field, executive vice president and president of Intermodal.

“I would encourage anyone to join GROW, regardless of if you’re a woman or not. Our ability to learn from each other and create spaces of safety and inclusion happen when we share all of our stories.” – Tori, member of GROW.

LEAD – Latinos Engaging, Advancing and Developing

LEAD identifies and cultivates relationships with community and business stakeholders by inspiring people through the inclusion of Latino culture. LEAD is sponsored by Spencer Frazier, executive vice president of sales and marketing.

“LEAD is an organization that allows diversity and inclusion by creating opportunities for members to share different Latino and Hispanic experiences,” says Emmanuel, member of LEAD. “LEAD is an essential and vital group that every organization should offer, so employees can share their stories and experiences with each other, which will result in a diverse and inclusive culture.”

PLUS(+) – LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group

PLUS(+), an LGBTQIA+ employee resource group that offers a safe, accepting space. PLUS+ strives to be as inclusive and diverse as the people and companies J.B. Hunt serves. PLUS(+) is sponsored by Stuart Scott, executive vice president and chief information officer.

“PLUS(+) is something that we needed. It allows people to know that they’re not alone, and they’re not going to have to go through experiences by themselves.” – Konnor, member of PLUS(+).

VERG – Veterans Employee Resource Group

VERG connects veterans and those who support veterans and uses members’ experiences to enhance our work life and community. VERG is sponsored by David Keefauver, executive vice president of Dedicated Contract Services™.

VERG member, Mary says, “This resource group not only allows me to be able to recognize veterans for their service and sacrifice and show appreciation for all they have done for this wonderful nation, but provide them with a rewarding career along with a network of people that will always be proud of them and all they have done for us.”

We’re so thankful to have all six of the ERGs be a part of the J.B. Hunt community. All of these groups are fostering a space for employees to feel welcomed, valued, respected, safe and heard. 

For more information on our inclusion efforts, check out our Inclusion page. If you’re interested in future career opportunities, join our Talent Community to stay connected.

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