J.B. Hunt Celebrates Black History Month

How our company plans to honor African American history this February.

February is Black History Month, and at J.B. Hunt, we are celebrating the diverse history of our African American employees through several different ways. Hosted by our African American employee resource group (AAmERG), all employees at our corporate campus and field locations are encouraged to engage in meaningful conversations and learn from each other through these events.  

“I think it’s important that we shine on our achievements in the African American culture,” explains Maria, an Engineering and Technology manager and AAmERG member. “I feel that it’s important that we always look back at what we’ve done in the past, what we contribute currently in the present, and what our future leaders look like. And so, I think as a company, I’m grateful that J.B. Hunt is supporting the importance of Black History Month.” 

Family Movie Night 

AAmERG kicked off Black History Month by welcoming employees and their families for a pop-up movie night, where participants had the opportunity to watch Marvel’s, Black Panther (2018) virtually and engage in a live chat, learning fun facts and answering trivia questions to win prizes. It was a great event, and we thank all those who participated! 

Rep Your Org 

Throughout the month, employees who attended Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) or are involved in organizations that supports historically marginalized communities are encouraged to submit their stories as part of the “Rep Your Org” initiative. AAmERG shares the employee features weekly with membership, celebrating the diverse background and honoring the rich HBCU heritage that contributed to the professional success of our J.B. Hunt employees.  

The Importance of Exercising the Right to Vote 

Voting is a great way to make your voice heard. At the beginning of the month, AAmERG hosted an impactful virtual discussion over the importance of employees exercising their civic duty by voting. During this Lunch & Learn event, employees learned more about the history of the suffrage of the African American community and how they can be a voice in their community by voting.  

Since the event, AAmERG has held voter registration events at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas throughout the month. Below are the dates and times of the upcoming events for the month for those interested in registering! 

  • February 16th from 11:00am – 1:00pm CT 
  • February 24th from 11:00am – 1:00pm CT 

Keynote Speaker – Brittany Cole 

Coming up on February 17, AAmERG is thrilled to invite Author, Motivational Speaker, and Consultant Brittany Cole, to discuss her book, “Thrive Through It.” During this event, Brittany will cover the major themes mentioned throughout her book, such as redefining resilience, how to communicate with empathy and practice allyship in life and business. 

Yellow Table Talk 

You might have heard of Red Table Talk, but AAmERG presents their own take on the popular talk show – Yellow Table Talk! During this two-part series, AAmERG members will chat about various topics affecting the African American community, including implicit bias, conflicting identities and unspoken social rules. The series will also discuss how to start a conversation about racism with your coworkers and friends, how to teach your children to be inclusive and how to become an ally.  

Mark your calendars! You do not want to miss these important conversations.  

  • February 18th from 11:30am – 12:30pm CT 
  • February 23rd from 11:30am – 12:30pm CT 

We sat down with Maria earlier this month to learn more about AAmERG and the significance of Black History Month. You can view the full Sit & Sip video, below.  


Interested in learning more about our company, or joining team that thrives on inclusivitySearch jobs or learn more about our diversity & inclusion efforts. 

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