J.B. Hunt Engineering and Technology Careers

We’re sharing the top reasons why J.B. Hunt is a great place to work in technology.

At J.B. Hunt, we believe that technology, along with our people and our capacity to deliver, powers our success. From automating digital freight matching, to building cutting-edge platforms and applications, J.B. Hunt is recognized as an industry leader for the innovation we bring to transportation technology. 

From our people-first culture to the ways we’re investing in technology, here are the top reasons why a career with J.B. Hunt’s Engineering and Technology team could impact your success.  

Our People are a Priority 

“The company has always placed its greatest focus on our people, customers, communities and beyond. This people-first value has always been at the heart of the organization and although technology and capacity have given us a competitive edge, I would say that the people are, at our core, what sets J.B. Hunt apart from other organizations.” -Deepika, senior software engineer 

We believe that we are bigger, stronger, better together. It’s our people that make J.B. Hunt a great place to work. We’re a collaborative, team-oriented workplace where our people feel supported, valued and represented. We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken, like our employee resource groups (ERGs), that fuel an inclusive company culture and help you build community at work.  

Growth and Professional Development Opportunities  

“The Engineering and Technology organization provides plenty of opportunities for you to expand your skillset. Events like Skill Ups allow you to invest in your professional development and learn about something that you might not encounter in your day-to-day work.” -Madeline, logistics engineer  

J.B. Hunt offers many professional development resources and opportunities to learn new skills that you may not find anywhere else. Within Engineering and Technology, you can take advantage of opportunities like company-paid professional certifications or 13th Week, where we set aside one week each quarter for you to focus your time on continued learning and exploring areas of technology through Skill Up presentations that will better your career.   

Career Opportunities That Make an Impact  

“There will always be a challenge, and there will always be a project where you can improve the company, which is important for your purpose here and how you get to contribute. That’s why I would say it’s a great place to work and where you want to start your career.” -Karen, senior vice president of Engineering and Technology

Based at our corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas, there are many exciting career opportunities within Engineering and Technology that put you at the forefront of merging transportation and technology. From software developers to logistics engineers, we empower you to take ownership of your work and set you on a career path where you can make an impact on the future of transportation. 

We Encourage Thinking Big  

“We work somewhere where they really value our thoughts, and opinions, and ideas. We frequently have conversations to get feedback and to route that up through leadership. So, I feel like I’m heard, and I’m valued, and I’m set up to be successful and that’s not something you find everywhere.” -Sam, Engineering and Technology manager 

Since our founding, J.B. Hunt has remained a company focused on thinking big. Our big ideas, and the steps we’ve taken in technology, come directly from our people. Through our company idea submission program, ELEVATION, and events like our annual Hackathon, you get to be an active part of J.B. Hunt’s future by bringing ideas and perspectives on how we can improve as a business and find solutions that drive our company’s success.   

We’re Investing in Technology 

“I think Engineering and Technology is the perfect place to start at J.B. Hunt because of the way the business leans on and leans into technology. That lets us work closely with the business solving real business problems and getting to work on some really exciting opportunities.” -Tim, senior director of Information Security 

J.B. Hunt has made many advancements in technology over the past few years, but we aren’t hitting the brakes anytime soon. In the last few years, we’ve pledged to invest $500 million in technology dedicated to finding new ways to modernize supply chain, optimize our internal systems and enhance the capabilities of our J.B. Hunt 360°® digital freight matching platform. We’re excited to see how this commitment evolves our company and impacts the career growth opportunities for our people in the years to come. 

Want to Learn More?  

Check out this video to learn more about how an Engineering and Technology career at J.B. Hunt could impact your success or visit jbhunt.jobs to join our team today.  

Frequently Asked questions

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is a competition hosted by J.B. Hunt’s Engineering and Technology department that’s centered around business innovation and developing solutions that directly contribute to our company’s growth. During Hackathon, teams submit their ideas for judging and the opportunity to win cash or fun prizes, with a select few making the final round where they present their ideas to J.B. Hunt leadership.  

What do you do in Engineering and Technology?

J.B. Hunt Engineering and Technology is made up of energetic professionals who develop applications and systems that are changing the transportation industry. We create and utilize tools across many platforms such as web, mobile, AI, machine learning, virtual reality and more.  

What are the benefits of a career in engineering and technology?

From our people-first culture to the ways we invest in technology, there are many ways you can benefit from a career with J.B. Hunt in Engineering and Technology. J.B. Hunt offers engaging career paths where you can make an impact and take advantage of professional development opportunities to advance your skills.   

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