How to Get Vaccinated From COVID-19

J.B. Hunt hosts vaccine clinics and provides resources for those wanting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Scroll through the highlights: 

  • J.B. Hunt is offering COVID-19 vaccines to interested employees at the corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas. 
  • Employees outside of Northwest Arkansas can use the vaccine finder tool to find and schedule an appointment near you. 
  • Up to 4 hours of COVID-19 vaccine PTO is available for non-salaried employees to get vaccinated. 
  • Salaried employees do not need to use PTO to get the vaccine. 
  • Visit the Frequently Asked Questions on the CDC website if you have questions about whether or not to get the vaccine. 


Have you received your COVID-19 vaccine? The well-being of all employees and their families is very important to us. J.B. Hunt is working hard to ensure that a COVID-19 vaccine is available to anyone that wants it, regardless of location.  

“The decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine was important to me because I want to take every step possible to help protect my family, friends and community,” said Jessica, a content marketing manager. “I’m grateful J.B. Hunt provided an easy and accessible opportunity to do so at the recent clinic.” 

How to Get Vaccinated  

J.B. Hunt has hosted vaccine clinics on the corporate campus in Northwest Arkansas for all interested employees and contractors, as well as the adult members of their households. We will continue to hold more clinics in the coming weeks so that any interested employee can get their vaccine.  

For those employees outside of Northwest Arkansas, or who aren’t traveling through this area, you can use the vaccine finder tool to find vaccine availability in your area and schedule a nearby appointment.   

We encourage anyone without disqualifying health conditions to get vaccinated.  

Here to Help  

Your manager can help you find a vaccination site near you and assist you in scheduling an appointment. If you have concerns or are still questioning whether you should get vaccinated, review the Frequently Asked Questions on the CDC website.  

To ensure that all employees who want a vaccine have the time to do so, non-salaried employees are eligible for 4 hours of paid time off (PTO) per shot, and salaried employees do not need to use PTO for time to get their vaccine. To qualify, just show your immunization card to your manager, regardless of when you received the vaccine. You can learn more about our COVID-19 PTO policy on the People site.  

Getting vaccinated is the quickest way for us to beat this – schedule your appointment today! 


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